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June means sunshine and warm weather across Europe – a great time to explore the proud, beautiful Basque Country of northern Spain; and Malta as it celebrates its patron saints. Those seeking adventures further afield have plenty of alternatives. It’s the dry season in Botswana, which means better chances to spot wildlife on safari. Similarly, the Serengeti in Tanzania welcomes waves of wildebeest which are followed keenly by lions and crocodiles, promising dramatic encounters. Or consider Peru, which gets into the festival spirit amidst sunny, warm conditions, ideal for visiting the Incan wonder of Machu Picchu.


June is the dry season in Peru, when days tend to be sunny and warm, making it a great time to visit Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Sacred Valley. One of the main attractions of Peru in June is the theatrical Inti Raymi festival in Cusco, which begins on 24 June each year. For nine days, Peruvians celebrate with banquets, street celebrations and traditional music. The main procession begins at the Sun Temple and proceeds through the streets to the Incan ruins of Sacsayhuaman. With the king and queen present in lavish, colourful costumes, participants re-enact an ancient Incan ceremony to honour the Sun God, complete with a pretend sacrifice.


Botswana’s dry season runs from May to October. In June, you will likely experience pleasant daytime temperatures and crisp, starry nights as you seek out iconic African wildlife on safari. The dry weather improves your chances of spotting all manner of creatures, as they gather thirstily around the dwindling waterholes, rivers, and the Okavango Delta – which is flooded at this time of year, allowing you to take mokoro canoe safaris along its tributaries.


Malta experiences warm weather all year round, but June is summertime, and among this Mediterranean island’s warmest, driest, and sunniest months. Locals celebrate the arrival of summer with a host of festas or village feast days, typically honouring various patron saints; you can expect processions, fireworks and music, with lots of opportunities to mingle with the Maltese.


Tanzania’s dry season runs from late June until October; during these months, the southern and western circuits are the best to visit. The Great Migration in the Serengeti is a dramatic spectacle best seen in June and July, as more than a million wildebeest move north towards Kenya. Many of these grazing animals attempt to cross rivers where crocodiles await them. As the land becomes drier, it’s easier to spot wildlife as it clusters at watering holes and rivers. The temperature at night can drop, so morning drives can be cold and it’s advisable to take warm clothes. Zanzibar is a perfect add-on to any safari, with temperatures in the mid-20s. The Indian Ocean is also in the mid-20s, making for great water-based activities such as snorkelling around the coral reefs.


In Spain, June ushers in the summer heat, though the peak temperatures and crowds usually arrive in July and August. Pleasant, dry conditions make northern Spain especially recommended. Consider visiting the Basque Country for its traditional cuisine, ancient language and scenic position between Atlantic coast and Pyrenees peaks. Catholics across the country celebrate Corpus Christi, which falls on a date between May and June each year, and arguably the most impressive festivities take place in the scorching southern region of Andalusia; Seville is festooned with flowers, and there are parades and traditional music to enjoy.

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