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April sees a range of destinations near and far come into their own. Uzbekistan is between the extremes, blessed with temperate weather and sprinkled with wildflowers. Morocco, too, is pleasantly warm, whether you visit the desert, coast or soaring mountains. You can expect to see the ancient wonders of Egypt amid smaller crowds, or those of Jordan as the rainy season gives way to warmer, drier weather. For nature lovers, this is the best time to go outdoors in Nepal, where you have the chance to join the celebrations for Nepali New Year.


As summer can reach 40 degrees Celsius, while winter can dip below freezing, the best time to visit Uzbekistan is between mid-April and early June. Temperatures during this time are in the mid-to-high 20s, and there is still a cool breeze. In the Tien Shan mountains, the wildflowers of Uzbekistan are in bloom – predominantly red poppies and tulips – offering a head-turning dash of colour to the grass-covered valleys. April affords comfortable conditions for an overnight yurt stay in the Kyzylkum Desert, allowing you to experience the traditional lifestyle of the nomadic Uzbeks.


Morocco comes into its own during spring. April's warm weather is sandwiched between the chill of winter in the Atlas Mountains and the heat of summer in the desert, making it a lovely time to visit. Pleasant daytime temperatures in the mid-20s are accompanied by cool evenings, and it’s now warmer in the coastal regions which can be enjoyed year-round.


As the hot khamsin winds arrive, Egypt’s visitor numbers fall, making April an ideal opportunity to admire Pharaonic wonders amid smaller crowds and at reduced rates. Rooted in the ancient Egyptian festival of Shemu, Sham Ennessim takes place between April and May each year; this national celebration marks the arrival of spring, and locals picnic in parks, gardens and at other scenic spots.


April is the tail-end of Jordan’s rainy season, and visitors can expect warmer, drier weather for sightseeing and excursions into the hills and wadis (valleys). It’s an especially good time to visit Wadi Rum, a landscape Lawrence of Arabia described as “greater than imagination”; as well as Jordan’s headline attraction: the rock-carved city of Petra. 


April in the mountainous nation of Nepal is during the dry season (October-May), and the perfect time to head out of the heat and dust of Kathmandu and into the beautiful countryside. The best trekking routes are often busy in April, so booking ahead is essential. This is also the month Nepal celebrates the new year, which typically falls between 11 and 14 April. Known locally as Navavarsha, the festival is marked by parades, family gatherings and lots of food. You can see a gigantic chariot being tugged through the streets of Bhaktapur, and the east and west sides of the town’s residents engage in a huge game of tug of war.

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