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See the world from the water

Cox & Kings offers a selection of adventurous sea-based cruising holidays, river cruises and canal cruises for those seeking to combine the excitement of discovery travel with the relaxation and comfort of cruising.

They offer genuine travel experiences. Often small ship cruises, they offer travel to places not easily reached by other means, and usually with an emphasis on excursions accompanied by expert guides and lecturers.

The benefits of taking a cruise holiday with Cox & Kings

Value for money: To allow travellers the benefit of savings that group travel affords, transfers and excursions relevant to each itinerary are operated on a group basis with other passengers who may or may not be Cox & Kings clients.

Extensions: Cox & Kings is happy to arrange for you to extend your stay beyond the escorted group tour dates. We have suggested extension options for most tours, but our specialist consultants would also be delighted to design a tailor-made extension for you, either pre- or post-tour, to fit in with your interests. Such extensions are operated on the same basis as private travel unless other Cox & Kings travellers on the same cruise voyage choose to take the same extension, in which case the relevant services may be shared.

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Egypt cruises

Africa’s longest river was the lifeline of Egypt’s ancient dynasties, watering the cities that sprung up along its course. As such, the Nile banks are replete with archaeological wonders, from the Valley of the Kings to the Temples of Karnak – and there is no more magical way to visit them than by boat. We can place you aboard one of Egypt’s premier luxury vessels, such as the Sanctuary Nile Adventurer, for a journey between pharaonic treasures. During your voyage, you’ll benefit from the expert insights of Egyptologists in addition to experienced local guides. We also give guests opportunities to cruise aboard traditional Egyptian ships, such as felucca and dahabiya sailboats. Experience a Nile cruise as part of a Cox & Kings group tour, or on a tailor-made holiday to Egypt.

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Enchanting Egypt Dahabeya Cruise

Discover the highlights of Egypt while staying in carefully chosen, characterful accommodation. See the majestic Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza before spending five nights aboard an intimate and luxurious dahabeya. Cruise leisurely along the Nile, stopping to explore the iconic sites and temples found along its shores.

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Egypt: Ancient wonders of Cairo & the Nile Group Tour

Explore the wonders of Egypt via the River Nile on this exceptional tour. Visit Giza’s pyramids before taking a flight to the ancient town of Aswan, where Agatha Christie wrote her novel Death on the Nile. Here you will board one of the country’s premier luxury cruise vessels, the Sanctuary Nile Adventurer, for a four-night, five-star river cruise to Luxor.

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Sanctuary Sunboat III

Explore the treasures of Egypt’s ancient past on this private holiday complete with luxury, four-night Nile cruise. Throughout your four-day cruise, you will dock for excursions to key historic sites, including the temples of Karnak, Khnum, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Philae; as well as the Valley of the Kings.

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Splendour of the Nile Cruise with Movenpick

Combine a stay in Cairo, including visits to the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, with a 4-night Nile cruise, taking in the celebrated sights of Upper Egypt including visits to both the East and West Bank to see the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Karnak and the immense Aswan High Dam.

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South America cruises

South America presents nature on another scale – some of it only reachable by water. The unique wildlife found only on the remote, volcanic Galápagos Islands inspired 19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin, and continues to inspire all who visit. Whether on a group tour or tailor-made holiday, experience your own voyage of discovery – an island-hopping Galápagan expedition complete with naturalist guides.

Then there is the Amazon, the world’s largest river, which quenches the biodiverse rainforest along its banks. For wilderness wellness in Brazil, an Amazon cruise is a must. Stay overnight aboard a converted clipper, or embark on guided canoe rides from your jungle lodge, navigating this mighty waterway to the rainforest chorus.

Peru & Galapagos Odyssey

The Incan treasures of Peru pair perfectly with the natural wonders of the Galápagos on this superior group tour. Explore Lima and the Sacred Valley to see the legacy of the Incas – including Machu Picchu. Then fly to the Galapagos Islands for your 4-night cruise.

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Ecuador & Galapagos in Style

 Based in luxury accommodation, this private journey combines Ecuador’s historic capital Quito with the cloud forest of Mashpi and the far-flung Galápagos Islands. For three nights, you sail aboard a luxurious small catamaran and seek out close encounters with the Galápagos wildlife that so inspired Darwin.

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Ecuador & Galapagos Experience

 This journey provides a special opportunity to experience the Galápagos islands and observe their remarkable wildlife at close quarters.

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Classic Brazil Luxury

 Visit some of the spectacular highlights of Brazil, combining beautiful Rio and vibrant Salvador, with the natural wonders of Iguaçu Falls and the Amazon, before ending your trip on a tropical beach.

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Far East cruises

 The Mekong meanders some 4,900km through South-east Asia to the South China Sea. Across its vital course there is a constant flow of boats – fishing, ferrying, and forming floating markets. A Mekong cruise provides rewarding glimpses of daily life here. Most routes sail between Vietnam and Cambodia, while more adventurous voyages take in Laos and Thailand. Cox & Kings has selected only the best vessels for navigating these waterways.

The Yangtze is the third-longest river in the world, snaking across China from the western mountains to the eastern sea. We can place you aboard luxury vessels such as the Yangzi Explorer for a leisurely multi-night cruise. Your scenic voyage can take you from Chongqing to Yichang, visiting the Three Gorges and Huang Shan's misty peaks.

China: The Grand Tour

This comprehensive tour of China visits the treasures of Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors at Xian, picturesque scenery between Guilin and Yangshuo and the pandas at Chengdu. Cruise the Yangtze river and visit the Three Gorges Dam, before ending the tour in cosmopolitan Shanghai.

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A river journey on the Mekong

Explore one of the world’s great rivers, passing small villages and sleepy temples that, being inaccessible by road, are well off the tourist trail. This journey can be taken either up or downstream, ending or beginning at the temples of Angkor.

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India cruises

 Beginning as a trickle in the Himalaya, the Ganges River grows into a major lifeline for millions of Indians before crossing into Bangladesh. A cruise along its course is a chance to pass through both quiet countryside and lively cities, where you may spot pilgrims taking a dip, washermen cleaning colourful garments, fisherfolk chasing a catch, and other routines and rituals of daily life in India. We can place you aboard a luxury riverboat such as the Rajmahal, for a multi-night Ganges cruise to remember.

In the far south of India lies Kerala, a patchwork of green valleys and golden beaches. Kerala’s iconic houseboats – converted rice barges with rattan roofs – languidly navigate the waterways here and provide immersive accommodation. We include a Keralan backwater cruise on our group tours in the region, allowing you to admire the riverine scenery and visit tranquil riverside villages.

Cruising The lower Ganges

Cruise the sacred Ganges for seven nights aboard the luxury riverboat ABN Rajmahal. Discover remote towns, timeless villages and ancient temples on the water's edge, with ample leisure time for taking in the passing landscapes.

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Passage through Kerala

Southern India offers lush greenery and waterside tranquility that contrasts with the arid north. This tour takes in the beautiful sights and serene landscapes of Karnataka and Kerala, including a cruise along the peaceful backwaters of Kochi.

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Polar cruises

 A world of island-sized icebergs, blue glaciers and white tundra awaits at the head and foot of the world. Here, only the hardiest wildlife thrives. We have decades of experience taking intrepid travellers to both the Arctic and Antarctica, on expedition cruises that reveal these frozen wildernesses at their most magical.

From Argentina, we can take you into the Southern Ocean aboard high-spec expedition ships to marvel at the Antarctic icescapes. Anticipate close encounters with marine mammals and seabirds throughout, complemented by illuminating lectures from onboard experts. Daily shore landings by inflatable boats bring you even closer to a wilderness once only witnessed by pioneering explorers such as Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen.

Classic Antarctica

This expedition journey to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula offers the chance to set foot on the ultimate frontier and discover towering icebergs, stunning scenery and an array of wildlife.

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