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For those who prefer to travel solo, in a couple or maybe with a group of family or friends, Cox & Kings has years of experience organising tailor-made holidays worldwide, from simple city breaks to the most complex multi-centre, multi-country itineraries.

Travel at your own pace, stay in your kind of hotels and include activities that suit your particular interests. Our expert travel consultants will be delighted to design a holiday specifically for you, suggesting ideas to complement your own and creating the optimum itinerary to suit your interests, time and budget. 

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If you are in the process of gathering your thoughts and would like further inspiration, simply fill in our tailor-made enquiry form.

Where to go

If you would like inspiration for where to explore there are two excellent sources of information on this site. Our Month by Month guide highlights places which are ideal to visit at different times of year, either due to climate, wildlife or cultural events.

Alternatively, the Compass section of our website is effectively an online magazine and a treasure trove of information about destinations around the world.

Featuring a combination of blogs written by Cox & Kings clients (Your stories); reports written by our staff; news about the latest hotels, boats and trains; and journalist-written articles from our acclaimed Compass magazine, there is a wealth of inspiration to satisfy a lifetime of travel.

Country guide

Once you have selected the country you are interested in, if you go to the country overview page you will find a series of links that lead to detailed information about that destination.

The country guide suggests the top things to do there; weather information for different parts of the country; photography and sometimes videos; plus other notes about travelling there, such as flight information.

Visit our destinations to explore individual country guides.

Places to explore

This section provides you with detailed information about individual places within the country. Including the key attractions, different accommodation options, tour itineraries that include that place and, in many cases, excursions that can be taken locally.

Tailor-made itineraries

If you select 'tailor-made' for a country you will see a list of itineraries that can be taken on a private basis. Almost all our group tour itineraries may also be taken privately and we also have a selection of private-only itineraries.

All the private travel itineraries listed are intended to provide a suggestion of how you could link places together and also give you an idea of roughly how much you could expect a private holiday to cost.

You can book these itineraries exactly as they have been set out, however you can also use them as the basis for your own tailor-made itinerary. If you say to one of our expert travel consultants that you broadly like a particular itinerary, but you would like to change a few hotels, insert a few days of relaxation into the middle or add some additional activities into the holiday, they will be happy to make such adjustments and quote you a price for what you have in mind.

Tailor-made holidays by destination

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