Walking Safari

| May 15, 2020

The South Luangwa is said to be the birthplace of the walking safari. Learn the many facets of the bush, from watching ants to spotting buffaloes and discovering bird's nests. To add an extra thrill, guides will even deliberately track elephants, lions and leopards and make approaches on foot. The river valley itself and the open grasslands of the oxbows lend themselves well to walking safaris since the wildlife is easily exposed in the open river bed. The superb wildlife and high quality camps like Sanctuary Puku Ridge, run by bush enthusiasts combine to make Zambian walking safaris among the best. Strict guiding exams also mean that there are consistently high standards for walking safaris in Zambia. You don't have to be a hiker to enjoy South Luangwa, but people who are used to getting out into the great outdoors will certainly appreciate the extra freedom and depth that is derived from a few days of safari on foot.


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