Things to do in Guyana

| June 11, 2020

Things to do in Guyana

Things to do in Guyana include exploring the magnificent array of natural treasures, from lush and dense forest packed with wildlife to savannah plains; visiting local Amerindian tribes; and seeing colonial architecture, vibrant markets and Caribbean character in the capital of Georgetown.

Visit Kaieteur Falls, the world's largest single-drop waterfall right in the depths of the Amazon jungle; spot jaguar in Iwokrama, meet giant river otters in Karanambu and climb Surama Mountain a remote region where rainforest meets savannah, and visit the community tourism village of Surama. Finally, for those searching for a place to unwind at the end of a trip, a stay at a river island resort near Georgetown is an ideal option.

A country rich in wildlife, Guyana is a premier eco-travel destination, and very rewarding for those adventurous travellers willing to visit a destination a little off the beaten track.

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