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Best time to go
April - October
Flight Duration
Approx. 15 hours
Fly to
La Paz
Time difference
GMT - 4 hours

Explore wildlife-rich jungle, glittering lakes, Inca communities, and the world’s largest salt pan

Bolivia is relatively untouched by modernity, with cultures and customs that have remained largely unchanged for generations.

This landlocked country is home to indigenous women in bowler hats, charming colonial cities, and striking landscapes – including some of the highest peaks in the Andes, the deep blue waters of Lake Titicaca, the vast and breathtaking salt flats of Salar de Uyuni and the wildlife-rich tropical jungles.

The stunning scenery and hospitable people more than compensate for the simpler accommodation outside the main cities and the unpaved roads in some remote areas.

If you like, a visit to Bolivia can be combined with travel to Chile and Peru.

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