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Accommodation rating: Luxury

Mount Lavinia is one of the island's finest hotels. In 1805 Sir Thomas Maitland came to the island as the appointed governor of her majesty, and fell in love with a local girl named Lovina Aponsuwa. Sir Thomas began his search for ‘some place in the country’ where he could build his residence. A mansion was formed, laid out in mahogany and calamander wood, with its white columns, polished wooden floors, intricately carved wood ceilings and wide windows open to the ocean breezes, and became the trysting-place for the lovers. Today this holiday home is open to foreign visitors and it is a favourite choice for honeymoons. A total of 275 rooms either offer a view of the sea or gardens, and the facilities include a swimming pool, extensive beach coverage and sport facilities. The Mount Lavinia Hotel has a long held reputation for excellent cuisine, and ranging from oriental to occidental the bill of fare seems as limitless as it is delicious.

Please call 020 3813 2966 for more information or to make a booking.

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