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Accommodation rating: Superior

Ri Kynjai is a modern resort built of local stone, pine and bamboo. Located approximately 20 km from Shillong, the resort is set among 45 acres on the top a ridge overlooking the Lake Umiam. The resort’s architecture is inspired by and derived from original Khasi tribal huts. The most unusual architectural touch is the remarkable roof, which is based on the traditional houses of the Khasi people and looks like an upturned boat. All eight rooms within the main structure are elegantly furnished and the four cottages feature a fireplace in the living room and a mezzanine sleeping area above the bathroom. The judicious use of local natural materials, especially on interior surfaces, such as tree branches for lounge tables and light stands, bamboo mats and upholstery from the vibrant north-eastern textile traditions add a touch of sophistication and richness.

Please call 020 3813 2966 for more information or to make a booking.

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