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Accommodation rating: Simple

The Rakkojae Hahoe offers accommodation in a 'hanok', a traditional Korean house reminiscent of an aristocratic house of the Chosun dynasty. Hahoe has a sister property in Seoul, and both are designed with the season and the position of the house in relation to its natural surroundings in mind, with the structure planned accordingly. This principle is called baesanimsu; the concept is that the ideal house is built with a mountain to the back and a river to the front, with an ondol heated rock system for heating during cold winters and daecheong front porch for keeping the house cool during hot summers. Rakkojae Hahoe is located in Hahoe Folk Village, in front of the ferry dock, with four separate 'choga' (houses): the Master House, Separate House, Sarang House and the Entrance House. Each has an en suite bathroom, a Hinoki cypress wood whirlpool bath, and heated floors made of red clay. There is also a Korean-style sauna heated with firewood.

Please call 020 3813 2966 for more information or to make a booking.

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