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Accommodation rating: Superior

The newly opened permanent structure of the Ice Hotel 365, in the small town of Jukkasjärvi, now makes sleeping on ice a year-round experience. During the summer months, the domed roof of the Ice Hotel 365 is covered in grass and wild flowers, yet maintained at sub-zero temperatures by solar power making the inside just like the adjacent Ice Hotel during winter, complete with Icebar, art gallery and suites. The structure is built using snice, a mixture of snow and ice made using water from the Torne river. The hotel offers a mix of warm and cold accommodation allowing guests to experience a night sleeping at temperatures of -5 C. Sleeping bags are provided and, for a good night's sleep, it's recommended to sleep in thermal clothing. Unlike the Ice Hotel, the Ice Hotel 365 has airtight, insulated doors covered with reindeer skins or magnetite.There are two restaurants offering a choice of rustic charm or gastronomic adventure. The Ice Hotel is open to the public between 10am and 6pm. This means guests sleeping cold get exclusive access to their rooms from 6pm with a wake-up call around 7:30am. While you cannot book a specific suite, you can make a request. Features: 9 luxury suites with sauna and bathroom, 11 art suites all sculptured by selected artists, icebar, ice gallery, overnight luggage storage, 24hr communal changing rooms, toilets and saunas for women and men in the warm section, 2 restaurants (table reservations recommended). Room amenities: Thick mattress on a wooden base, bed covered with reindeer hides, thermal sleeping bag.

Please call 020 3813 2966 for more information or to make a booking.

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