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The town of Portoroz lies along the Istrian coastline in Piran Bay. Due to its prominent seaside location, Portoroz became known as a health resort from the 13th century. The healing properties of its mud and salt water baths gained further renown in the 19th century, becoming one of the grandest seaside resorts in central Europe, comparable with those of Opatija, Abbazia, Lido and Grado, which all formed part of the Austrian Littoral or crown lands of the monarchy.

One of the most important hotels to the Hapsburgs, the Palace Hotel, opened here in 1910, built by the architect Johann Eustacchio. With its grand facade overlooking the Adriatic, it played host to a variety of important statesmen and celebrities of the empire. Today, Portoroz’s reputation as a spa resort persists, with no less than six different wellness spas and resorts located in the town.

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