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Lango Camp is a beautiful six-roomed camp nestled in dense gallery forest overlooking the productive Lango Bai and with access to the Lekoli river and the surrounding savannah. The dining room, lounge and bar area are all on raised decks overlooking the bai, and are constructed from natural material such as locally woven raffia palm panels. Raised walkways wind through the forest and connect the rooms to the public areas and a star deck and fire pit are placed on a dropped deck overlooking the bai for after-dinner relaxation and star-gazing. Activities available from Lango Camp include boating the Lekoli river, walking in the Lango Bai and safari driving through the Mboko and Lango savanna. Boating the Lekoli river The Lekoli riiver in the Lango region offers one of the best chances to observe the wildlife of the forest since visibility here is greater than below the canopy. Travel in motorised aluminium boats, kayaks and traditional pirogues to move against the river currents while the most rewarding time is spent drifting silently downstream searching the beautiful forested banks for forest elephants, forest buffaloes, primate species like putty-nosed monkeys and de Brazza’s monkeys and birds. Bongo antelope are an exciting possible sighting. Chimpanzees are regular in this area although more often heard than seen. Walking the Lango Bai, gallery forest and savanna fringe Exploring the Lango area on foot offers many great wildlife viewing opportunities. The area’s savanna, marsh, swamp forest and riverine forest are home to forest elephants and forest buffaloes, both of which are regularly encountered. Stalking quietly along forest trails can produce sightings of red river hogs and shy forest birds. Guereza colobus, grey-cheeked mangabey and putty-nosed monkeys are all regularly seen and with a bit of luck one may encounter crowned and moustached monkeys, De Brazza’s monkeys and northern talapoins. Walking is also the best way to study the fine detail of the forest insects, fungi, orchids and birds and trails have been opened to allow access to the main areas. Driving Mboko and Lango savanna Wildlife viewing vehicles are used in the Lango area primarily to access the region’s diverse attractions rather than for game viewing. The vehicles are used to get to and from walking and boating areas. In the early mornings and late evenings, a drive along the forest edge offers a different perspective of the landscape with large mammal species like forest elephants, forest buffaloes and western sitatungas often seen. After a sundowner stop, continue to explore the savanna and forest edge, in search of rarely seen and shy nocturnal creatures. Some of the elusive species that can be encountered with a bit of luck include spotted hyenas and leopards. This is also a good time to search for some of the many owls that occur here, while both long-tailed and swamp nightjars are common all year round.

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