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Accommodation rating: Superior

Zambezi Voyager is a luxurious floating lodge that operates on the Zambezi and Chobe rivers, travelling through some of the most prolific wildlife viewing areas in Africa. The lodge accommodates 10 passengers in either twin or double bedded accommodation. The five well-appointed berths are tastefully decorated with soft stone textures and handmade linen. The viewing deck offers bird's-eye views of the surrounding floodplains and waterways. There is a jacuzzi available to all guests and there are sun loungers on the top deck. Activities: All activities are conducted from tender boats. Each cabin has its own tender boat and guide where possible, however staying aboard Zambezi Voyager is an activity in itself. From the elevated position of the viewing deck you have a bird's-eye view of the surrounding floodplains and waterways. Wildlife viewing: Wildlife viewing takes place on the Chobe river. Viewing wildlife from the water is a memorable experience: the wildlife does not feel threatened from the water, therefore the photographic opportunities are exceptional. The Chobe has the largest concentration of elephants in Africa and for this reason alone the Chobe is a must for any visitor to Zambezi Explorer. There are vast buffalo herds and numerous plains species that traverse the area, as well as the possibility of sighting predators such as lions, wild dogs, hyenas and leopards. Birding: Approximately 450 species of birds occur throughout this area. It is the most prolific birding area in southern Africa due to a diverse spread of habitats. Situated on the northern boundary of southern Africa, migratory birds can be seen on their way north or south. The rivers are an enormous source of fish and therefore are home to magnificient water birds. Some of the characteristic species of the area such as the African fish eagle, mallachite kingfisher, African jacana and African skimmer can be viewed easily from Nguni. Search for the rarer species such as the slaty egret, rosy-throated longclaw, coppery sunbird, white-backed night heron and Pels fishing owl. Local culture: The river communities that live along the banks of the river are known as the Lozi and Masubia. Experience their lifestyle by simply observing as they tend to their daily duties or be more participatory as guests in one of their villages. Walks: The floodplain and wetland areas of the Zambezi and Chobe have a diverse ecological makeup. The opportunity to take guided walks is available over varying distances and within different habitats. The walking is comfortable as the terrain is reasonably flat and is therefore not exclusively for the energetic.

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