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The southern part of Ethiopia is a diverse mix of scenery, lakes and people. The Rift Valley offers contrasting scenery from the forest and springs around Wondo Guenet and wild alpine scenery of the 4,000-metre high Sanetti Plateau in the Bale Mountains region, to the lakes around Arba Minch, such as Lake Chomo and the popular water sports area of Lake Langano.

The south is also home to various tribes with the most well-known being the Mursi, Karo, Erbore and Hamer tribes, whose bodily decorations and agro-pastoralist lifestyle are far removed from the 20th century. Perhaps the most well known of the tribes in the Omo are the Mursi, whose women are decorated with large lip plates. Once a woman reaches the age of 20 the lower lip is slit and a clay plate is inserted. As the lip is stretched a larger plate is inserted and throughout a lifetime these plates can reach up to 15cm in diameter.

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