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Rwanda… a land of a thousand hills

14 Dec 17

Cox & Kings' client Firoz Ullah has recently returned from Rwanda and has shared his highlights with us.

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Adventure on the Red River … A Vietnamese river cruise

29 Nov 17

Anne and Jeff McCormack share their adventure in Vietnam, where they were greeted by smiling faces everywhere

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Peru … a culinary adventure

12 Sep 17

Cox & Kings clients Neil and Luke had a trip of a lifetime discovering Peru and cooking with local chefs.

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29 Aug 17

Meet the frequent flyers who have travelled the world, and share the highlights of their experiences.

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Return to the Falklands … mission albatross

18 Aug 17

Cox & Kings' clients Maureen and David Blackmore returned to the Falklands with a mission...

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Uzbekistan… shopping on the Silk Road

3 Aug 17

Stella Beddoe explores the exotic range of goods on sale today on the Silk Road.

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In Search of Che! … exploring Cuba

9 Jun 17

Eleni Oraia writes about her trip to Cuba, an adventure she had dreamed of since the 1960's.

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Coast to Coast … in South America

16 May 17

After a long but direct flight on the new British Airways Dreamliner, our first three nights were spent in Santiago, Chile’s capital

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An Indian Adventure… Classic Rajasthan

10 May 17

Cox & Kings client Stella Beddoe travelled on the group tour ‘Classic Rajasthan’.

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Good Morning Vietnam! … part one

7 Apr 17

Mike and Chris Simm tell of their adventures in Vietnam, starting with Hanoi, Halong Bay and Hoi An.

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Good Morning Vietnam! … part two

7 Apr 17

The adventures of Mike and Chris Simm continue in Da Nang, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City.

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Persia… Superlatives and Surprises

7 Apr 17

Cox & Kings client Nigel Purse tells of his experience travelling in beautiful, hospitable Iran.

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