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| April 18, 2013

Patsy Grey  travelled with Cox & Kings to Peru and had an eventful trip. She kindly wrote the following summary of her Peru holiday.

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Lima and the Ballestas Islands
We had a great flight with KLM, the take off and landing were so smooth if you had closed your eyes you wouldn't have known you were on a plane. We arrived in Lima where we had two days, and the Swissotel was fabulous. On the Sunday we had a trip to The Ballestas Islands where we saw seal, sea lion, penguin, dolphin, pelican, vulture and many other birds.

The Nazca Lines
We stayed in Nazca the next 2 nights and were up early the following morning to do the helicopter ride - the only way to travel!!!! - Over the Nazca Lines - simply amazing.

We then moved on to Arequipa, a 10 hour drive along the desert Coastline of the Pacific - real Lawrence of Arabia scenery and we had a stop to go paddling in the Pacific, great fun. Unfortunately the 2nd night in Arequipa I became ill in the early morning and missed a trip and we had another journey of 6 hours to go to the Colca Canyon afterwards. I had to sit at the front of the coach with the dolly local guide that we had at the time called Jorge, which was a hardship!!! I couldn't eat anything all day, and that night we had an audience of a doctor, nurse and the co-ordinator Louis and they tried to make me drink (black tea) and eat (a soda biscuit) so I could take the antibiotics. Not to be left out Catriona was soon feeling ill too! Unfortunately the next morning we weren't up to going on the trip to see the giant condors over the Colca Canyon - one of the things I had really wanted to do.

Lake Titicaca
The next day was another long drive to Lake Titicaca and they had arranged for the doctor to be at a medical centre for us to be checked over. During the drive Catriona and I both received oxygen. The following day was a full excursion on the Lake stopping off at a couple of reed islands where the Uros Indians live. I had to have oxygen again on the 2nd island and started to recover after this, even making a 25 minute hike up to the top of another island where we were to have lunch (clinging on to a gentleman in the party). I managed to eat a bit and really enjoyed the day. The guide was really funny and very keen on bodily functions which was almost too much information!

The Orient-Express from Puno to Cuzco
Catriona had recovered and as I had begun to recover we were able to enjoy the 10-hour trip on The Orient-Express through the Andes the next day which was wonderful. We then arrived in Cusco and the really luxurious hotel which set us up for the trips to a Fort (climbed 237 steps!!!!!) and the wonderful Machu Picchu. We both loved it in Cuzco and thought the hotel was absolutely fantastic and our favourite. The weather was great and there was a blue sky the whole time except in Lima (famous for its dense sea mist which the locals call garúa). Overall it was one of the most wonderful things I have done, in spite of being so ill. I cannot praise your Company enough as the tour was so well planned - we didn't even have to look after our passports, we hardly touched our luggage the whole time and when we were ill they were fantastic. The Co-ordinater Louis was great and the local guides really good especially the lovely Jorge. We did feel though that it is not stressed enough in the brochure how fit you should be for this trip as I know a few of my friends could not have done it - some are not great walkers and others suffer from heights. We were upset to hear about the recent earthquake and hope that none of the people that we met were hurt and that all the guides and their families are ok. I also felt sorry for all the tourists out there at the time especially the ones on your trip. We are now looking at the possibility of going to South America again next year.

Many thanks!

Patsy travelled on our 15-night Train to Machu Picchu tour.

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