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| October 17, 2014

Do you have a passion for art? Find out all about what are Royal Academy Art Tours have to offer the true art lover.

See the art of the Vatican as never before on one of our art toursThe Vatican, Italy

A passion for art is all you need to find holiday perfection in our Royal Academy Art Tours. With the release of our 2015 Royal Academy Art Tours brochure, we are excited to announce a variety of new destinations and art discovery possibilities.

To find out more about what the new brochure has to offer, as well as gain a deeper insight into what exactly it is that makes these tours so special, we spoke to Cox & Kings' very own Katie Liddell, who shared her expert knowledge.

At a glance: What's new

Music tours: In addition to a host of exciting new destinations and itinerary, the new brochure offers a new theme – music tours. Combining music and art, these tours are wonderful for culture vultures, who can choose between itineraries to Vienna and Munich, which include tickets to musical performances.

state-opera-house-viennaState Opera House, Vienna

Ireland: A particularly exciting addition to the 2015 brochure is Ireland – a brand new destination for Cox & Kings. Ireland: Georgian Dublin and Country Houses is a tour that will give you the chance to explore the delights of Georgian Dublin, visiting sights such as Trinity College, Rathfarnham Castle, Newbridge House and a selection of private buildings not open to the public.

The Netherlands: Another new addition is a comprehensive tour covering the history of art in the Netherlands. What's particularly exciting about this itinerary is that you can not only discover the golden age of Dutch paintings, viewing celebrated masterpieces such as Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring, but also encounter minimalism, modern art and modern architecture. This tour offers you the opportunity to explore the newly renovated Mauritshuis museum too, which boasts a whole new wing.

Museum-Mauritshuis-The-Hague-NetherlandsMauritshuis Museum, The Netherlands

Moorish Spain: We have a new Spanish itinerary that will give you the chance to explore the art of Moorish Spain. Travelling around Andalusia visiting destinations such as Seville, Granada and Cordoba, this comprehensive itinerary allows you to discover the Islamic history and art of the region, as well as Roman architecture and modern art.

Greece: Returning to our Royal Academy Art Tours brochure for 2015 is Greece. This itinerary is ideal for anyone eager to discover the highlights of ancient Greece.

Mexico: The final new addition to our brochure is Mexico. Available from January 2016, our art tour to Mexico will take you on an exciting voyage of artistic discovery from the art of the Mayans and other pre-Hispanic civilizations right up to the work of modern artists such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. What's more, you will be able to explore spectacular Mayan ruins, enjoy the beauty of the coast and step into the jungle – this itinerary is tremendously exciting.

mayan-pyramid-chichen-itza-mexicoMayan pyramid, Chichen Itza, Mexico

What makes our art tours so special?

If you are new to art tours - or simply new to those offered by Cox & Kings – you may be wondering exactly what they offer and what makes them stand out from other itineraries.

An expert lecturer

To make sure our art tours are the very best they can be, we enlist the help of experts – both to help design the tours and to travel with you, sharing their specialist knowledge every step of the way. These field-leading experts are often academics, and many have published books on their chosen subjects.

On the level of helping put together itineraries, they use their specialist knowledge not only of their subject, but also of individual destinations – where they will often have lived or studied – to ensure you encounter all kinds of hidden gems that are off most travellers' radars.

Of course, these lecturers are also invaluable on the tours themselves. Travelling with you, they will enhance your knowledge and understanding of the art and attractions you visit, and even arrange fantastic lectures for the evenings, which provide the perfect opportunity to learn about a subject in more depth.

Mosaic-San-Vitale-Ravenna-ItalyMosaic of San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy

A local guide

Depending which itinerary you choose, you can benefit from the expertise of a local guide as well, who will be able to share wonderful little details about local culture and traditions. This pairing of local and field-leading guides is truly excellent for expanding your cultural knowledge and getting the absolute utmost from your trip.

Small groups

Our Royal Academy Art Tours are formed of small groups – usually no more than 12 to 15 guests. This makes it easy meet like-minded people and make friends, particularly as we offer welcome and farewell dinners to help you all get acquainted. Of course, a small group size also means you will have plenty of opportunities to speak to your lecturer, as he or she will have fewer questions to answer, to find out more about areas that interest you.

Kalon-mosque-and-minaret-Bukhara-UzbekistanKalon mosque and minaret, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Behind the scenes visits

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about our art tours are the specially arranged visits that take you behind the scenes of a well-known attraction – or perhaps even through the doors of somewhere usually closed to the public. For example, when travelling with us it is possible to enjoy a private visit to the Vatican, which will allow you to explore the Sistine Chapel outside of its usual opening hours – an incredible opportunity to admire the art here without having to jostle with other tourists.

The-last-judgement-Michelangelo-sistine-chapelThe Last Judgement by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel

Open to all 

You don't need to be an expert to travel on one of our Royal Academy art tours – and you don't need to be a Friend of the Royal Academy to do so either. Indeed, these itineraries are ideally suited to anyone with an interest in art, no matter what your knowledge level.

What's more, they offer something for all kinds of art lovers too. Those with an interest, for example, but little detailed knowledge will find these itineraries the perfect opportunity to start learning more. Those more familiar with the subject, meanwhile, can really enhance their knowledge by talking to the expert who will be travelling with you.

What we're most excited about

Of all the destinations and tours in the new brochure, Cox & Kings' expert Katie is most excited about Ireland. Citing the fact that it is completely new for Cox & Kings, she also highlighted that it's interesting to have such a wonderful tour so close to home, without the necessity for long journeys.

Her love of Georgian architecture makes her particularly enthusiastic about this tour, but she adds that the excitement of visiting places which aren't open to the public, and the ability to learn all about the buildings from an expert, are also important factors.

Trinity-College-DublinTrinity College, Dublin

Cox & Kings' favourite

Moving on to her favourite tour, Katie enthused about the Moorish Spain tour of Andalusia, explaining that it offers the chance to visit so many different places, including that spectacular citadel of Alhambra in Granada, and uncover all the different influences that have impacted the region and its art. Indeed, she noted the Moorish influences here really make its art different to elsewhere in Europe.

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Alhambra-GranadaAlhambra, Granada, Spain

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