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| August 27, 2014

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Latin America? Find out more about doing so, and about our exciting new brochure, today.

Machu-Picchu-PeruMachu Picchu, Peru

Latin America is a vibrant part of the world that's utterly fascinating to explore. It offers travellers the chance to discover astonishing archaeological sites, sublime natural wonders and rich, colourful culture. Our latest Latin America brochure provides an excellent selection of tours to help you discover this wonderful region in your own way.

We spoke to Cox & Kings' Vessela Baleva to find out more about what travellers can expect from the new brochure.

At a glance: What's new

First, we spoke to Vessela about the new additions to the brochure, which include the below.

• Heart of the Andes: This fantastic new tour combines experiences in Peru and Bolivia, and Vessela highlights that it is an excellent choice for holidaymakers who want to explore the indigenous cultures and scenery of these two countries, with the itinerary starting in Peru and looping into Bolivia, visiting its amazing salt flats.

Treasures of Colombia: This itinerary is perfect for anyone who is keen to discover the absolute highlights of Colombia.

• Casas Particulares: Vessela also shared that the new brochure offers both group and private travellers the opportunity to stay in the atmospheric Casa Particulares, which is a privately owned bed and breakfast-style accommodation that offers a genuine insight into the Cuban way of life.

Salar-de-Uyuni-BoliviaSalar de Uyuni, Bolivia

What we're most excited about

When asked which brochure product excites her most, Vessela enthused about Colombia. "It has been taking quite a while for people to slowly get over the negative stereotypes that the country has, and to discover that it has an intriguing mix of native culture and very welcoming people," she explained, adding that while the country is becoming more popular, it is still by no means mainstream.

On tours of Colombia, travellers will have the chance to discover the exciting capital Bogota and its spectacular Gold Museum, which houses the biggest pre-Hispanic gold collection in the world, and Cartagena, which is one of the most beautiful towns in Latin America.

Read more about Colombia >

cartagena-in-ColombiaCartagena, Colombia

Brochure highlights for first-time visitors

There are two tours that are particularly well suited to total newcomers to the region. First is a journey to Peru's Machu Picchu – the incredible Inca site that continues to capture the imaginations of travellers across the world. Vessela said that these spectacular ruins are still one of the major draws to Latin America and not only offer the opportunity to explore one of the world's finest archaeological sites, but also beautiful Andean scenery and indigenous culture.

However, tours to Machu Picchu do not give you a broad introduction to Latin America as a whole. If this is what you are looking for, Vessela suggestions the 11-day Wonders of the New World tour, which takes in the sights of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, offering an introduction to Latin American culture, and whisks you to the wonderful Iguazu Falls.

Brochure highlights for return visitors

Travellers who have already been to Latin America will find there is still plenty to see – indeed, Vessela commented that there is always somewhere new to explore, such is the region's size and diversity.

Noting that many people focus on South America, she also suggested that anyone who has begun their exploration of Latin America this way can move on to Central America in subsequent visits; the Splendours of Central America tour is ideal for this, offering a well balanced itinerary of natural and cultural attractions, as well as famous and lesser-known destinations and sights.

Panama-canalPanama Canal

Off the beaten track

When it comes to getting off the beaten track, there are always exciting possibilities in Latin America. Indeed, the fact that Latin America is so full of wonderful attractions combined with limits on the amount of time travellers have to spend exploring means that there are lesser-known gems in every country.

Vessela highlighted that this is even the case in Peru, which is so popular. For example, the pre-Inca walled city of Kuelap, which you'll find in the nation's north, rivals Machu Picchu in terms of grandeur, but is far less well known. And this in itself has benefits, as it creates a more peaceful atmosphere in which to explore, thanks to the lower number of tourists present.

Kuelap-Chachapoyas-Peru Kuelap, Peru

Vessela had lots of other ideas for getting off the beaten track, such as a self-drive adventure through Chilean Patagonia, with its pristine landscapes. She also suggested travelling through the far north of Brazil, exploring white sand dunes and wild tropical landscapes.

Another good choice is Bolivia, which benefits from well-preserved customs and culture, as well as striking scenery. The new Heart of the Andes tour, which we mentioned above, is ideal for exploring this country. Indeed, the tour as a whole aims to expand travellers' experiences in Latin America beyond Peru and the best-known sights such as Machu Picchu, without cutting them out of itineraries altogether.

Torres-del-Paine-Patagonia-Chile Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Brochure highlights: Value

2015 promises to be really good value for travellers because of the strengthening of sterling against the dollar, Vessela explained. However, she highlights that Costa Rica is a particularly good choice for those seeking good value, because its relatively small size allows for overland exploration of their various habitats without the need to take domestic flights.

Hanging-bridge-Costa-Rica Costa Rica

Cox & Kings' favourite

Everyone has their own favourite places - and reasons for loving them so much. For Cox & Kings' expert Vessela, Brazil is the place that really stands out. "It's so varied and vibrant, you just can't not fall in love with it," she explained, adding "it's also so big that every time you visit, you keep discovering amazing new places."

Rio-de-janiero-BrazilSugarloaf Mountain, Brazil

Vessela's tips

Of course, when faced with choosing just one tour in a region that's so vast, some people struggle – but Vessela had a few tips for those caught in travelling quandary. She suggested that travellers should start by deciding how long they want to go away for, as this will narrow down your options.

"Overall, our tours provide a good balance between nature and culture, but there are tours that focus slightly more on one than the other, so if you have a particular interest then this is something you may want to take into account," she commented, adding that it is also worth considering whether you would like to visit just one country, or several.

"To be honest, my best tip will be to call us for advice, because our Latin American consultants have travelled extensively both for work and leisure, and I think their knowledge is invaluable when someone is in doubt," she concluded.

Discover the Latin America 2015 brochure for yourself, or call 020 7873 5000 to speak to a Cox & Kings Latin America expert

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