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| May 14, 2020

Latin America is a destination that will stir up even the weariest traveller. Full of evocative flair, with a diverse landscape to captivate the senses and a soundtrack that’ll kick start your energy gauge, it’s impossible not to be spellbound by this spectacular region.

With this in mind, we’ve whittled down a few of our favourite audiobooks, playlists and talks to bring together four recommended listening tools to keep you inspired, engaged and to help broaden the mind from the comfort of your living room – all with a touch of Latin flavour.

COLOMBIA – Feel the Rhythm

Transport yourself to Colombia, a place where the music is not heard, but lived. Known as the country of 1,000 rhythms, explore the regional nuances of this vibrant destination through 10 distinct musical genres, showcasing the country’s authenticity and diversity.

Once you’ve found your region, tune in to the recommended playlist – either directly on the website, or via Spotify or Deezer – and turn your kitchen into a Latino dance floor. Will you choose to salsa in cultural Medellin, sway to the Caribbean beat of artistic Cartagena or tap along to the jazz sounds of the capital, Bogota?

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Brought to you by the Colombian tourist board, ProColombia

Beyond the armchair…

Traversing the Andes in a circular route, take in the capital city of Bogota, verdant coffee country and colonial Medellin en route to vibrant Cartagena on Cox & Kings’ 13-day Treasures of Colombia group or private tour.

View our Treasures of Columbia tour 

PERU – Turn right at Machu Picchu

For those with an ardour for audiobooks – or those who have yet to give them a go – this New York Times bestseller follows Mark Adams as he retraces Hiram Bingham III’s steps on a journey that was to end in the accidental discovery of one of the greatest wonders of the world, Machu Picchu.

[caption id="attachment_213085" align="alignleft" width="900"] Hiram Bingham Train, Peru[/caption]


En route, adventure writer Adams discovers that, in truth, he’s not quite as adventurous as his books might suggest, having never even slept in a tent. This results in a humorous and fascinating tale, suitable for armchair explorers but also an ideal precursor for those planning a visit to Machu Picchu.

Turn right at Machu Picchu is available on most audiobook services including Audible and Google Play. It is also available in paperback and e-book format.

Beyond the armchair…

Explore our range of group and tailor-made tours to Peru, including one of the most popular, Train to Machu Picchu, which includes an overnight stay in Machu Picchu.

Discover Peru


GUATEMALA – Aprende a hablar español (learn to speak Spanish)!

If you’re planning to visit Latin America, even a small amount of Spanish will take you a long way. Not only will it help you to interact with the locals, who will appreciate your efforts, but it will give you a chance to develop a new skill.

[caption id="attachment_213086" align="alignleft" width="1000"] Cobblestone street in Antigua, Guatemala - Acatenango volcano in the back[/caption]






There are a host of options for those happy to put their hand in their pocket or who already have some experience. However, for those who merely want to pick up the essentials, our travel consultants recommend Duolingo as a good place to start. This free app is easy to use and with just 20 minutes a day you’ll be able to complete the course in three to four months. It also allows you to set personalised weekly goals to keep you motivated. Buena suerte!

Beyond the armchair...

Why not add a few nights to your holiday and enrol in some Spanish classes at the start of your trip? One of the best places to learn is Antigua in Guatemala, which also happens to be an ideal starting point for a private tour of the country.

Explore Antigua, Guatemala


BRAZIL – Discover the coolest animal you know nothing about

Patricia Medici has dedicated her life to the research and conservation of the Brazilian tapir, but with so many species on the brink of extinction, has she done enough? This thought provoking and heartfelt insight into her research explores the role that the lowland tapir plays in shaping and maintaining the structure and diversity of the rainforest, uncovering some of the many threats to this beautiful, endangered creature.

Brought to you by Ted Talks, a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas. Please note, this video contains some disturbing imagery.

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Beyond the armchair…

One of the best places to see the Brazilian tapir for yourself is in the world’s largest freshwater wetland, the Pantanal.

Explore the Pantanal


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