Caribbean escapes... 3 unspoilt destinations

| January 19, 2015

Hoping to escape and unwind? The Caribbean is the ideal place to do so, and in this guide we will introduce you to some of the finest spots to relax.

St Kitts (Photo credit: Thinkstock/ iStock)
St Kitts

For the keen traveller, a holiday that can be described as 'relaxing' in the traditional sense of sun, sand and recreation can seem almost at odds with the very essence of time away. After all, for many of us this is synonymous with discovery, adventure and sightseeing. However, at some point all of us find ourselves in need of a break that demands little of us but leisure and enjoyment and, in these instances, the Caribbean is a destination that truly delivers.

Renowned for its sun and sea, this part of the world also boasts a wonderful culture, delicious cuisine and sublime landscapes. This means it pairs its relaxing qualities with plenty of interest, allowing you to sprinkle fascinating outings and activities into your leisure time as you see fit. Today, we are going to introduce you to three of this region's most unspoilt destinations.

St Kitts & Nevis

St Kitts & Nevis are twin islands that pair picture-perfect scenery with a fascinating history. Lying close together, they have much in common but plenty of differences too – the chief being that St Kitts is the larger and busier of the two, while Nevis is smaller and quieter. Each, however, is a wonderful place for a truly relaxing break and, as the islands are so close, they can be easily combined for a twin-centre holiday.

On both, you will find a selection of beautiful hotels fusing stunning locations and fine accommodation with excellent service. Ottley's Plantation on St Kitts is one such place and, having once been a sugar plantation, is also a piece of local history. This quiet collection of rooms and suites is set in vast gardens and, with its reputation for fabulous food, is ideal for couples and keen gastronomes.

If you can drag yourself away from your luxurious accommodation, you will find much to enjoy in St Kitts and Nevis, including scenic railway journeys and visits to wildlife-filled rainforests. Of course, its beaches are a major attraction for relaxing holidays, with the majority being tranquil and uncommercialised.

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Often referred to as the Spice Island, Grenada has a distinct aroma of mingled spices, including ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg – especially during the weekly Saturday market in St George's, where spices are sold. Accompanying these heady scents are some of the region's finest views and an array of glorious beaches.


St Georges, Grenada

Among the most celebrated of these is the charming Grand Anse – a sweep of sand fringed by turquoise waters. This beach has a lot going on, with its many restaurants and hotels, but you can find quieter slices of paradise elsewhere on the island, such as Morne Rouge Bay.

Away from the coast, you can feast your eyes on spectacular waterfalls, tranquil lakes and verdant rainforests. Tucked away in these glorious landscapes and along the shore are a range of excellent resorts, include the Spice Island Beach Resort, which is located on the aforementioned Grand Anse beach. Nestled in tropical gardens, this family-run hotel has a variety of truly indulgent features, from ocean-view bathtubs to spacious hammocks.

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St Vincent & The Grenadines

St Vincent & The Grenadines is a collection of 32 idyllic islands that make up one of the Caribbean's most scenic and romantic destinations. This beautiful place possesses similar attributes to those above, in that it provides a combination of serene landscapes, tempting beaches and glorious sunshine. What's more, it also works wonderfully well in conjunction with visits to other Caribbean destinations, such as St Lucia or Barbados, making this the perfect choice if you like the sound of spreading your relaxation out across the Caribbean.

Among the great things to do here are taking a leisurely stroll around St Vincent's Botanical Gardens, which date back to the mid-18th century, and admiring the view across Mesopotamia Valley from Belmont Lookout.

In terms of places to stay, if you are looking for the ultimate escape, pay a visit to Palm Island – this private resort that offers a mix of white sand beaches, rooms and suites located directly on the beach and a fusion of European and Caribbean cuisine.

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