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| March 30, 2011

Mr & Mrs Hanafin recently travelled to Egypt with Cox & Kings and were thrilled to be able to explore the sites away from the crowds.

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Recently back from 10 days in Egypt – what a fantastic time to see the ancient temples and tombs!

There are hardly any other tourists around, so no queues for anything and you can get close up to the sights for as long as you like. My wife and I were almost alone in 4,000 year-old tombs with exquisite painted wall carvings in Saqqara, near Cairo. There were less than 20 people in Tutankhamun’s room in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. So I was able to stand right in front of his golden mask and stare into his eyes for a few minutes, with no-one else trying to do the same. I then looked at his gold coffin and the displays of jewellery and other artefacts in the room before going back to look at his beautiful mask again and again.

The Luxor and Karnak Temples had more tourists, although far fewer than normal. However, when we arrived at the amazing temples at Abu Simbel, there were only two other tourists in the great temple of Ramses II. Another 7 or 8 arrived as we were leaving; normally there are over 5000 visitors a day.

We had a wonderful cruise for a few days down the Nile, watching rural life and stopping at historic sites. The boat had a capacity of over 100 passengers, but there were only 30 on board, which meant there was plenty of room and even better service than normal.

People everywhere were pleased to see us - lots of smiles and no frowns. There were no disturbances; the only hassle we had was from some rather insistent vendors, but you get that at tourist sites in a lot of countries and you just have to walk determinedly through them. There were tanks and soldiers near the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and armed police at most tourist sites, but they were friendly and only added to the feeling of security.

We were delighted with the organisation of the holiday and the superb hotel & cruise boat. We had phoned Cox & Kings only 5 days before we started the holiday, yet everything went smoothly. We were met everywhere by their English-speaking local representatives, who drove with us to the hotel, boat, sights and airports. They provided excellent local guides, who had expert knowledge of ancient Egypt, and the skill and enthusiasm to engage their audience.

A great holiday and the perfect time to go!

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