AKP responds... to the global pandemic

| May 5, 2020

Who is AKP?

Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) is dedicated to positively impacting lives and livelihoods in the communities where our guests travel. As part of the Abercrombie & Kent group, Cox & Kings is proud to be a contributor to the valuable work being done by AKP in partnership with local communities, helping to sustain the fabric of the diverse destinations we visit.

AKP’s vision when it was founded in 1982 remains the same today: to help nature to thrive and cultures to flourish in the communities where our clients travel. Through dedicated strategic investments in education, conservation, healthcare and enterprise, we inspire our guests and staff to actively support our philanthropic endeavours.

AKP is registered on three continents: as a non-profit (501-c-3) in the US and a registered charity in the UK and Australia. Dedicated full-time community development professionals – AKP Coordinators – ensure long-term, programmatic commitments that work alongside our partners in over 40 projects worldwide.

How we’re helping

Since the early days of Covid-19 AKP has been drawing upon its global network and logistical expertise to provide support to our partner communities. In every country with an AKP Coordinator an Emergency Relief effort has been initiated. Coordinators are collaborating with their local A&K offices to undertake bulk food deliveries to hospitals, medical clinics, and, in some instances, door-to-door and hut-to-hut. Getting this done is no simple feat in countries under lockdown. Take Kenya for instance, where in each district the permission of the Chief of Police is required to operate a food delivery truck.

Many of AKP’s partner communities lack the infrastructure and essential resources needed to even stand a chance against a global pandemic, so we are working closely with our coordinators in Peru, Brazil, South-east Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, to plan how we can offer the greatest assistance in resource-limited regions. In some regions the plans have already turned into reality.

Providing food to those who need it most

While the rest of the world ‘flattens the curve’ with self-isolation, in many of our partner communities it is simply not possible under their current living conditions. Many governments have declared schools will be used as isolation wards for the sick. Before Covid-19, AKP programmes provided school lunches to approximately 3,500 children every day around the globe. Today we’re working with these same programmes in Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania to use these same kitchens to provide meals to those who are sick and isolated.

Delivering healthcare support to Ugandan and Cambodian communities

Health being one of its four mission pillars, AKP is committed to working towards eliminating healthcare disparities in disadvantaged populations. The places where our guests travel often face the greatest obstacles to health. Now more than ever, our partner communities are turning to AKP for support and relying on AKP’s Global Medical Assistance program with our partner, Project C.U.R.E.

Project C.U.R.E. is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world. In the past two months, three AKP-supported shipping containers (valued at approximately $350,000 US dollars each) have been successfully delivered to locations where A&K and Cox & Kings operate. These supplies are arriving at a crucial time and will have a tremendous impact in these communities.

In March, two containers of medical supplies and equipment arrived in Uganda. The shipments were stocked with everything from gloves and disinfectant to wheelchairs and defibrillators, which are being utilised by the Bwindi Community Hospital to deliver critical care to patients and local community members.

In April, one container of medical equipment was gratefully received by the Ministry of Health in Cambodia.

“We received word from General Sokren Seng in Cambodia informing us that the AKP container has been released from port and will be delivered to Phnom Penh over the weekend. The Ministry of Health of Cambodia will take possession of the goods and make sure that they get distributed to hospitals in need to combat Covid-19.”

Our partners at Project C.U.R.E.

AKP is planning to pack a shipping container for Tanzania at the end of May from Project C.U.R.E.’s Chicago warehouse.

Providing necessities to those who need them most

AKP have set up an Emergency Relief Fund to help the most vulnerable as they fight to protect their families and livelihoods. AKP coordinators and community partners are working to address local needs through initiatives such as:

  • Procuring essential health items like soap and medical supplies to distribute through the communities in need
  • Supplementing the income of women who run small community-based businesses as their revenue-generating operations are temporarily shut down


Although a small effort in comparison to the overall global fight we are currently witnessing, AKP is committed to doing its part in addressing the needs of others. It has the expertise, on-the-ground experience and long-term commitment to stand with our community partners during a crisis and it is only with the continued support of our valued guests that we are able to provide this much-needed support to these communities.

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