Tutankhamun at the O2 The Cox & Kings review

| December 5, 2007

The last time artefacts from Tutankhamun’s tomb came to Britain 35 years ago, they caused a sensation, as 1.5 million people poured into the British Museum to see them. The latest exhibition at the O2 Dome is already well on the way to capturing the public’s imagination in a similar way. Last night four Cox & Kings staff had a look around the exhibition. Here are their thoughts.

tutankhamun banner Katie, Middle East Tour Consultant For those who have yet to visit Egypt, I think the exhibition gives a fantastic introduction into what lies in store. I have been told that the collection in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is much more comprehensive but I was very impressed with what I saw. The detail on some of the pieces is incredible - my favourites were the small but very intricate coffinette (left) and Tutankhamun's chair. Neither look as though they could be over 3000 years old. For beginner Egyptologists a visit to the exhibition is a must, but for the experts a trip to Cairo might be better! 6/10

Michael, Online Marketing Executive As an introduction to Egypt I thought the exhibition was fascinating. It is worthwhile getting the headsets, because although the audio commentary, narrated by Omar Sharif, is a little cheesy, it encourages you to pay more attention to the fascinating artefacts (and also gives a gruesome description of the embalming process). What really struck me was the superb craftsmanship of the pieces, particularly the incredibly life-like statue of Queen Nefertiti, Tut's mother-in-law (above). 7/10

Mark, Middle East Product Manager Whilst the artefacts on display were stunning, I felt the exhibition lacked a 'wow factor' item, such as Tutankhamun's funeral mask or his mummy casket. Having been to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo you are aware just how many more amazing exhibits there are to see. I would say the exhibition worked as a taster of what Egypt has to offer, and if the exhibition sells well, I am sure it will result in a rise in demand for tours to Egypt. 4.5/10

Vanessa, Operations Manager Having never been to Egypt I found the exhibition a good introduction and was fascinated by how well preserved the artefacts were. The first part of the exhibition focuses on Tutankhamun's ancestors, which is interesting in itself, and the last part is dedicated to Tutankhamun. The exhibits are well displayed and have all been given their own space so there is no overcrowding and jostling for position. One partciular highlight is the gold statue of Tutankhamun, left. The exhibition has fuelled my desire to visit the land of the Pharaohs and it was great to see the Dome as well. 5/10

Last night's viewing was sponsored by BMI, who have recently launched a new route from London Heathrow to Cairo. Tickets for the Tutenkhamun exhibition cost £20 during the week and £15 at weekends and can be purchased here. Cox & Kings offers a wide variety of group tours, private journeys and tailor-made options to Egypt.   [nggallery id="197"]

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