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| July 5, 2012

Cox & Kings’ Australasia product manager, Aaron Jennings, went to a preview screening of The Hunter last night.

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There wasn’t a single scene in the new movie The Hunter which didn’t feature Hollywood star Willem Dafoe’s character, Martin, and as great as his acting was (and he was on top form), the Tasmanian backdrop of lush mountains, wildlife and open plains stole every scene. Based on a novel by Julia Leigh, mercenary Martin (Willem Dafoe) is sent into the wilds of Tasmania by a mysterious biotech company to hunt, kill and bring back DNA samples of the presumed extinct thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, a species that was declared extinct in 1986, after 50 years of no credible sightings.

Looking like a large, long dog, with stripes and a big head, and the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial, thylacine were more closely related to kangaroos and koalas than dogs or cats. The last captive thylacine sadly died in Hobart zoo in 1936, just over a hundred years after the Van Diemans Land Co. introduced thylacine bounties in an effort to prevent them attacking the newly introduced sheep. Since then, there have been numerous unconfirmed sightings and during my trip to Tasmania last year one of my guides, a highly regarded wildlife expert, was adamant that he’d seen one just a few years before.

Back to the fantastic movie and the dramatic backdrops and cameo appearances of other Tasmanian wildlife, including the highly endangered Tasmanian devil, have re-ignited my love for the island and has made me want to get back down to Tasmania and see more of what the beautiful island has to offer.

Cox & Kings offers tailor-made holidays to Tasmania and a number of wildlife experiences, and although none are in search of the thylacine, if you ask a local about the animal you may hear a tale or two about their own experiences with the Tasmanian tiger.

Watch the trailer for the film below.

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