Cox & Kings'... 260 year journey

| July 19, 2018

In 1758 Horatio Nelson was born, the Seven Years’ War was underway, Thomas Pelham-Holles was prime minister and George II was coming to the end of his reign. On 21 July, Richard Cox signed the agreement to form Cox & Co.

Earlier in 1758, Richard Cox had been appointed regimental agent to the First Foot Guards (now the Grenadier Guards) by Lord Ligonier, Commander-in Chief of the British forces. A moment so significant that it was captured in a painting by the well-known military painter, David Morier. Cox was responsible for the logistical support for the regiment, including the transportation of men and equipment and the payment of officers and men.

As Cox & Kings celebrates its 260th anniversary, here is a look back through the company’s history.

C&K timeline


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