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| November 15, 2018

The thought of taking hard to please teenagers on an unforgettable family adventure may seem rather daunting. Cox & Kings can help you arrange a busy, activity-filled itinerary that will hopefully prise them away from their smartphones and open their eyes to new cultures and experiences.


If you’re not sure where to even begin, our blog about the best destinations during the school and university holidays can be read here. Cox & Kings’ brochures also offer an in-depth guide to our most popular countries, where you can find out more about the local cultures, signature experiences and highlights of each destination.

With the rise in travel inspiration on Instagram, your children probably have a good idea of potential family destinations already. They may well have shared iconic images from the platform to your family WhatsApp group. A family film night is also the perfect way to enthuse your children. Whether it’s Lawrence of Arabia, Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Diaries, Out of Africa or Zulu, these films show the extraordinary scenery, history and cultures of the countries they are set in.


Meeting everyone’s needs:

Holiday organisation can be a difficult task when factoring in the needs of each of your family members. Some destinations are better suited than others, especially for multi-generational holidays. Peru, for example, has endless history and archaeology for the parents and grandparents to delve into, while the teenagers may prefer an afternoon rafting or zip-lining. The whole family could then learn to make chocolate together.

Choosing hotels:

Once you’ve decided where to travel to, the next big question is the accommodation. Booking with Cox & Kings means that you can rest assured that the hotels are tried and tested for teenagers, and that should any problems arrive, you have local support. We also choose hotels that are in safe locations, often with activities to do nearby. Hotels that are teenager-friendly means that there will often be activities arranged, as well as other teenagers for them to meet. The question is, do you choose a hotel with Wi-Fi and battle with their attention for the remainder of your stay?


Rafting in Peru

Expert advice:

Planning ahead to ensure that you don’t have unwanted surprises, such as pre-booking car hire and the tours you want to go on, is crucial. This is where Cox & Kings’ regional experts come in. We can recommend excursions that best suit your needs, suggest local restaurants for you to try, as well as book everything for you in advance, so that you can relax and enjoy quality time with the family. Cox & Kings can organise an activity-filled itinerary with just the right amount of relaxation. We will support you through your journey, starting from your first enquiry, to being picked up at the airport and having local representation during your trip. Your holiday will also be ABTA and ATOL protected.


How do you decide how long to spend in each place? When travelling with teenagers, it’s best to avoid long journeys and one-night stays, as they will get tired and frustrated. With certain activities, it’s difficult to avoid early mornings, so getting an early night is recommended. Visiting remote areas is a great opportunity to give your children a mini digital detox. If you are having an action-packed trip, it’s a good idea to add on some beach time at the end for everyone to unwind and relax.


Travelling to certain destinations can require numerous vaccinations. For teenagers with phobias of needles, it may be wise to avoid these where possible. Malarial zones also require taking a number of anti-malarial tablets before and after the trip, which can leave some people feeling drowsy and nauseous. South Africa for example, is a great place to go for a safari, without having to take anti-malarial tables.

Spotting elephants on safari

Watching elephants on safari


From zip-lining through the jungle to spotting the big five on safari and visiting indigenous local tribes, choose activities that will keep your children entertained, creating lasting memories for years to come. Authentic experiences are a great way for the whole family to integrate with locals and learn different cultures, whether it’s mastering cooking the local dish, visiting a local family, or even trying your hand at making crafts.


The best thing for long journeys is entertainment; whether it’s the top grossing TV series, an engaging book or playing games on a tablet. Combat jet lag by drinking plenty of water as well as carrot juice, which lessens the effects of tiredness with the beta-carotene. Avoid fizzy drinks, as the gas expands in your stomach at altitude and try not to eat food with high roughage before flying. The best thing to eat is fruit and salad.

When on holiday, always remember sun cream, mosquito repellent and a first-aid kit, so that you’re prepared for every eventuality. Then you can just relax and enjoy the family holiday of a lifetime!

Cox & Kings arranges family adventures across the world, each of our itineraries can be adapted to your family’s interests and ages.

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