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| December 23, 2013

Naked Wines is Cox & Kings’ wine club partner. An online retailer, Naked Wines invests in independent wine makers to source delicious wine at the best possible prices. The result of connecting wine makers and wine drinkers through direct funding and honest feedback is a website full of delicious and affordable wines.

Vineyard, Auckland

Lay of the Land Sauvignon Blanc 750mlLay of the Land Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Mike Paterson, New Zealand, 13%

Bolstered by the knowledge I had a special bottle of sauvignon blanc in my armoury, I set off full of confidence to meet my new girlfriend Felicity’s parents for the first time last month. I’ve long been a fan of the grape, but would it see me through this most auspicious of occasions? With a sharp new haircut – a match for the chic stylings of the wine’s label – we made a good first impression on the banks of the river at Henley, in the surprisingly warm autumn sunshine. So, time to check out the Lay of the Land. Opened as the light began to dim, it seemed the perfect complement to the beautiful roast chicken on our al fresco menu. Jules – Felicity’s mum – commented on the fragrant bouquet, while Neil – dad – picked up on subtle hints of elderflower. The wine was crisp, delicate and very easy to drink; fresh with a fruity aftertaste. The perfect accompaniment to Neil’s roast, I would hazard to say it would also go well with seafood, risotto and other finely flavoured dishes. Smooth and versatile, it was everything we wanted in an early evening tipple and something that will certainly be welcomed back. Even better, I was told I would be too.  
Jonathan Hosking

Vina Tinajas Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Juan Ignacio Mena, Chile, 13.5%

As a native Australian, my usual habit is to choose wines from famous, local regions like the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula. But while looking for a wine to share over dinner with old school friends, I was struck by the label of this Chilean cabernet sauvignon – a joyous scene of friends cycling in the mountains – and it seemed to choose me. A light crimson colour, the wine was fruity, with hints of blackcurrant and ripe plum, and paired surprisingly well with the light starter of fresh tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella, without overpowering the subtle flavours. And yet, the deep tannins could also cut through the heavier flavours of our main course, a rich, creamy mushroom pasta with lashings of garlic sauce. Of course, it didn’t last until dessert – a sticky, coffee-drenched tiramisu – but I’m convinced it would have balanced the sweetness of the dish perfectly. Overall, I found it a refreshing, well-rounded wine. I look forward to our next reunion.
Kim Hay

Arabella Cabernet SauvignonArabella Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Stephen de Wet, South Africa, 13.5%

This wine is appropriately named after those graceful Arabian horses – robust yet light on their feet. As a full-bodied South African red, you would expect this to hit your palate with big flavours, spicy aromas and the dense-richness of dark chocolate. Yet, while it has the dark, tannic properties of typical cabernet sauvignon grapes, it is surprisingly light and refreshing on the palate, with hints of black pepper and liquorice. This easy-going wine has a smooth texture and is eminently drinkable. As the nights draw in, it’s the perfect partner to a strong cheddar and some Great British Bake Off-inspired homemade soda-bread in front of the telly, or as the main bill in its own right standing shoulder to shoulder with a thick, juicy steak.
Wai Law

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