Things to do in the Cook Islands

| June 17, 2020

Things to do in the Cook Islands

The 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands are scattered over an expanse of the Pacific Ocean the size of Western Europe. Of these islands, our top three are Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu.

The island of Rarotonga is the gateway to the Cook Islands. It has a lush, green, rugged interior and is dominated by eroded volcanic peaks and surrounded by a tropical lagoon that extends several hundred metres to the reef.

Warm turquoise waters fill the triangular-shaped atoll of Aitutaki, renowned as having one of the world’s largest lagoons. Dotted within is a tiny group of uninhabited palm-filled islands, or ‘motus’, with glorious white sand.

Accommodation is more basic on Atiu, but it is well worth a visit with strong traditional Polynesian culture, a variety of natural habitats and rich endemic wildlife.

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