Things to do in Morocco

| June 24, 2020

Things to do in Morocco

There are a great number of things to see and do in Morocco, from the natural wonders of the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara. Morocco wears its culture on its sleeve, and you can see this in the everyday bustling souks, or on a visit to Berber settlements.

Historic sites and cities are simply waiting to be explored – Fez, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat are all imperial cities, having all been the capital of Morocco at some point during its history.

Meanwhile, Essaouira is a delightful small town that is well-worth a visit.


Home to one of the oldest universities in the world, Fez is considered to be the intellectual capital.

The old city and its medina are famed for their architecture with labyrinthine souks where traditional craft techniques are still practised, and the atmosphere remains medieval.


Meknes is a more relaxed and smaller city than its better-known counterparts. Moulay Ismail, the Warrior King, dreamed of building a vast, extravagant city here in the 17thcentury, and his legacy can still be seen today in the wealth of well-preserved monuments. Highlights include the Moulay Ismail mausoleum, the Bab al Mansour gate and the remains of the imperial palace.


Marrakech marks the crossroads of the ancient caravan routes from Timbuktu. The main square, the Djemma el Fna, is the heart of the city and the souks that surround it are tribute to the city’s history as a centre for trade. Full of storytellers, musicians and food stalls, this bustling and exciting open-air market is a highlight of any visit. Other important sights include the Saadien Tombs, the Badi Palace and the Bahia Palace.


The capital of Morocco, Rabat, is situated on the Atlantic coastal plain at the mouth of the Bou Regreg river. Modern Rabat is a planned city of wide boulevards and handsome public buildings and gardens, while the old city is home to a ruined mosque that was designed to be the largest in the world. The dream was never realised and all that remains today is a large, squat tower and numerous pillars.


Surrounded by Portuguese fortifications, Essaouira is a delightful fishing town with fine sandy beaches. Less than two hours’ drive from Marrakech, Essaouira is popular with those looking to relax in calmer surroundings. Many of the boutique properties are located within the old city ramparts, and the small narrow streets are filled with craft shops. In the mornings the harbour is a hive of activity, with fishing boats unloading their catches.

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