Things to do in Greece

| June 20, 2020

Things to do in Greece

Greece is a destination that can be visited again and again, due to its sheer number of attractions – from enthralling ancient sites to alluring islands.

On the mainland, visit the capital of Athens and the famous Acropolis. Visible from almost anywhere in the city, it watches proudly over the landscape. Delphi features the sanctuary of Athena; Olympia the temples of Zeus and Hera; and Mycenae the seat of King Agamemnon. See cliff-top monasteries with Byzantine frescoes in Meteora, the battlefield in Thermopylae where 300 Spartans clashed with the Persian empire, and Mount Olympus – home of Zeus and ancient Greek gods.

Meanwhile, the island of Crete was home of the Minoans, who established one of Europe’s earliest civilisations. Crete is an idyllic mix of sensational views of the Mediterranean alongside truly ancient wonders and delectable cuisine.

Finally, and unforgettably, there are 1,399 additional offshore islands, each with their own charms. There is the Emerald Isle of Corfu, picturesque Santorini, historic Rhodes, and beautiful Mykonos and Kos.  Island hopping and cruising also means you can explore the lesser-known islands with fewer fellow travellers.

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