St Kitts & Nevis holidays

| June 19, 2020

St Kitts & Nevis holidays

The two island nation of St Kitts & Nevis offers plenty of things to see and do. Easily linked by a short ferry ride, each island has its own draws, combining tranquility with relaxed activities. Enjoy beaches, take guided walks, go golfing, and explore the history of the slave trade and sugar plantations – a past which is inexorably linked with the islands culture today.

St Kitts

The first British colony in Caribbean, St Kitts once occupied a key position in the European struggle for the West Indies, and the island still serves up reminders of those savage conflicts.

Relax on uncommercialised beaches, soak up the laidback vibe, explore via scenic railway, or enjoy a famous champagne Sunday brunch at the organic Belle Mont Farm.


Named after the Spanish word for snow – neive – because the clouds on the mountains looked like snow, this tranquil, unhurried island features laidback beaches surrounding a lush interior. Explore the culture, climb Nevis Peak, and go golfing at the Four Seasons Golf Course, offering views of St Kitts.

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