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| May 24, 2017

Sanctuary Retreats’ award-winning collection of luxury safari lodges and camps are located in some of the most remote parts of Africa. Each property is operated around the philosophy of ‘Luxury, naturally’. Their aim is to allow guests to have a real experience and enjoy a more natural kind of luxury in properties that have a strong commitment to conservation and responsible tourism. Our team have selected the top 5 experiences with Sanctuary Retreats which should be on your  “Safari wish list”.

Sanctuary Retreats

Sleep under the stars
While many come to Africa for the dramatic landscapes and plentiful wildlife, what they don't expect is the dazzling night's sky. With hardly any light pollution in such remote locations, guests with Sanctuary Retreats are treated to the ultimate in star-gazing. After a day spent on a Botswana safari, what better way to soak those aching muscles than in Sanctuary Baines' Camp's opulent star baths. Hidden on your own private viewing deck, this indulgence is not to be missed as you relax and unwind from the day’s events surrounded by twinkling lanterns and shining stars. Afterwards, safari-goers can enjoy the thrilling experience of a night under the stars. Each of the four-poster beds in the five suites can be conveniently rolled out onto a wooden deck built over the delta.

Sleep under the stars

Wildlife on your doorstep
Sanctuary Retreats’ lodges and camps are in carefully selected locations across Africa’s wilderness, which means more wildlife-viewing time for you. As one of the most sought-after pools in Africa, the pool at the Sanctuary Swala in Tanzania lets you unwind next to wild animals doing the same in a pool of their own. Thankfully this comes in the form of their nearby watering hole in a secluded area of Tarangire National Park. You will be able to spot elephants and rare kudu antelopes in the midst of their vibrant African landscape. At Sanctuary Chief’s Camp in Botswana, rare wild dogs, lions and leopards are often seen on the floodplains in front of camp and elephants have been known to wander right up to the lounge deck.

Surrounded by wildlife

Meet a troop of gorillas in the mists of the high mountains
Walk on the wild side and visit Africa for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with one of the rarest animals on Earth. Half of the world's mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This dense rainforest is a world heritage site with awe-inspiring biodiversity that lies in the south-west of Uganda. Located deep inside the forest, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp offers an unrivalled experience and due to the camp’s location, it is frequently visited by gorilla families.

Meet a troop of gorillas

Walk with elephants
See Africa through the eyes of an elephant as a pair of rescued elephants – Jabu and Morula – teach guests how they look for food, strip leaves from branches with their long trunks and take showers in the lagoons of the Okavango Delta. Observe and interact with the elephants while leisurely walking in their big, silent footsteps through the wilderness. This truly uplifting experience is only available at Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp or Sanctuary Baines' Camp and leaves a lasting impression on all who share their time with these gentle giants.

Walk with elephants

Follow the Great Migration
Often referred to as ‘the greatest wildlife show in Africa’, the Wildebeest Migration is an enormous year-round movement of animals. Wildebeest numbering 1.7 million graze along an 800-km route around the greater Serengeti area of north-west Tanzania and the Masai Mara area of south-west Kenya. Sanctuary Serengeti Migration Camp moves between three different locations, literally following the migration as it travels across the Serengeti, ensuring you year-round access to this incredible spectacle.

Follow the Great Migration

Cox & Kings offers Sanctuary Retreats safaris across Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda).

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