Holidays to Montenegro

| June 20, 2020

Holidays to Montenegro 

The things to do in Montenegro are numerous – somewhat surprisingly for a tiny country half the size of Wales.

Home to some of the Adriatic’s most picturesque scenery, Montenegro boasts sapphire-blue waters leading into coastal fjords, and medieval towns with elegant palazzo’s reminiscent of Venice.

Since the split of the Roman empire, the country has been influenced by various peoples, reflected in the richness of its cultural history; colourful Roman mosaic’s compete with flamboyantly painted Orthodox monasteries, ornate Catholic churches, the elegant minarets of mosques, and resilient stone fortresses.

There is so much packed into this tiny country, all less than a day’s drive apart. Destinations to see include the coastal resort of Budva, the island-fortified village of Sveti Stefan, and the Unesco-protected town of Kotor.

A holiday to Montenegro is easily combined with Croatia and/or Albania.

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