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| August 1, 2017

Louise Tucker, curator of Cox & Kings’ Arts & Culture programme, reveals how you can escape the crowds and embrace the art of some of Europe’s most glittering cultural institutions.

Gjirokaster castle, Gjirokaster

Gjirokaster castle, Albania

Intimately experiencing a country’s art and architecture is often the best way to get under its skin – to understand its history and get a sense of its people’s vibrancy is what makes a place truly come alive. But all too often long queues, thick crowds and little or no information comes between you and that prized work of art or iconic building.  

But what if you had the chance to privately experience some of the world’s most important collections or locations, in the company of passionate and renowned experts? Cox & Kings is offering Art Tours in Europe and beyond, which grant unique access to artworks not open to the wider public; private, out-of-hours access to museums and hidden galleries; behind-the-scenes tours; talks by local specialists and more.

Basilica di San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy

Basilica di San Vitale, Ravenna

Ravenna: Mosaics & Marble

A long-standing and popular tour, Ravenna: Mosaics & Marble reveals theglistening Byzantine interiors of the former capital city of the western Roman empire. Experts Sally Dormer or Rowena Loverance vividly bring the fascinating intricacies of Byzantine politics to life and decrypt clues in the elaborate mosaics. A visit to a mosaic workshop to watch modern-day artists at work will reveal the secrets of this tradition of crafting images in colourful shards of glass and stone.

23 – 26 Nov 2017 with Dr Sally Dormer • 4 Days & 3 Nights from £1,045
8 – 11 Mar 2018 with Rowena Loverance • 4 Days & 3 Nights from £1,045

See the tour details here >

Hermitage museum in St Petersburg

Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

St Petersburg: Pictures & Palaces

The Hermitage in St Petersburg houses one of the most extensive art collections in the world. The St Petersburg: Pictures & Palaces Art Tour will help you to explore the best that this museum has to offer, with special access to the rest of the collection that’s not on display in the museum but held in a vast store room. This is followed by visits to the city’s lavish palaces, including the Yusupov Palace and a privileged visit to some of the private rooms.

17 – 22 Sep 2017 with Andrew Spira • 6 Days & 5 Nights from £1,295
22 – 27 Oct 2017 with Lydia Bauman • 6 Days & 5 Nights from £1,295

See the tour details here >

Northern entrance to Knossos Palace, Crete

Knossos Palace, Crete

Crete: Minoans, Venetians & Ottomans

Take a tour of discovery through the waves of civilisations that shaped the history of the Greek island of Crete, from Minoans to Venetians and Ottomans. Archaeologists Konstantine Politis or George Manginis will expertly guide you at various archaeological sites. An exclusive visit to Villa Ariadne, once home to pioneering British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans, is included, as well as special access to the archaeological study centre in Gournia and Eleftherna archaeological site.

14 – 22 Sep 2017 with Dr George Manginis • 9 Days & 8 Nights from £2,195
3 – 11 May 2018 with Dr Konstantine Politis • 9 Days & 8 Nights from £2,195

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Monastery of St Naum, Ohrid, Macedonia

Monastery of St Naum, Ohrid, Macedonia

Albania & Macedonia: Cradle of the Balkans

Dr William Taylor, an Anglican priest and chairman of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association, knows many of the clergy at the beautiful monasteries, mosques and orthodox churches visited in Albania & Macedonia: Cradle of the Balkans. Dr Taylor leads the tour to rarely visited sites, including special access to the King’s Mosque and the adjacent Halveti Tekke in Berat, which together contain an outstanding collection of Ottoman paintings.

6 – 14 Oct 2017 with Dr William Taylor • 9 Days & 8 Nights from £1,445
6 – 14 Apr 2018 with Dr William Taylor • 9 Days & 8 Nights from £1,445

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