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| February 6, 2018

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Argentinian culture and landscapes, from the arid hills of the north to the frozen glaciers of the south and the buzzing metropolis of Buenos Aires.

La Boca district, Buenos Aires


Discover the home of the tango

Argentina’s lively capital oozes history and culture. Wander around the opulent Recoleta Cemetery – where the Argentineans’ beloved Evita is buried – and the statute government buildings in the Microcentro, discover the colourful mismatch houses of La Boca, explore the trendy social hub of Palermo and shop for antiques in artisan San Telmo which comes to life at the weekend. But above all, Buenos Aires is synonymous with the tango, an alluring and passionate dance that entices enthusiasts and novices alike to watch street performances in both La Boca’s Caminito and San Telmo. Put on your dancing shoes and learn the steps of this striking dance, or take in a show at the world-famous Esquina Carlos Gardel.

Argentine couple dancing tango

Argentinian couple dancing tango in Buenos Aires

Take a boat up to the Iguazú Falls

Lying on the border between Argentina and Brazil, these immense falls are best appreciated from both sides. After walking around the Argentinian side, where you can see them from above and alongside, experience the boisterous cataracts up close by boat. Admire the rainbows that are formed by the crashing waters and venture towards them. Don’t forget your rain jacket, as on the approach you will certainly feel the splash from the sheer volume of water that gushes over the waterfall. 

Iguazú Falls

Taste the malbec of Mendoza

At the foothills of the towering snow-capped Andes are the fertile valleys of Mendoza – Argentina’s main wine-producing region – renowned for its malbec. Rows of vines line the valleys and their bodegas provide informative tours about the wine-making process and their history before offering you the chance to taste the final product. Mendoza has an abundance of restaurants to dine at. Try a traditional parrilla – an Argentine barbecue – which is superbly complemented by the local red wines.

Vineyards near Mendoza

Vineyards near Mendoza

Walk over the Perito Moreno glacier

The 70-metre-high jagged peaks of the Perito Moreno glacier are spectacular. As you walk along the viewing platforms, which give panoramic views of the glacier, listen out for the crashing noise as the glacier melts and hits the creamy glacial lake. Then, take a boat across the lake, marvelling at the glacier’s sheer size before putting on crampons to walk over the electric blue glacier. Discover the ice caves and seracs while you splash through the meltwater rivers.

Ice hiking the Perito Moreno glacier

Explore the Lake District

At the foot of the impressive Andes near Bariloche lie dense forests and shimmering lakes that are linked together by meandering rivers. Whatever your mode of transport – be it on foot, by boat or bicycle – the surrounding landscapes are breathtaking. Keen anglers can enjoy a plethora of fishing opportunities, while others may prefer to relax and take in the view at the blissful Llao Llao Hotel & Resort or hop on a boat trip through the lakes to Chile.

Nahuel Huapi Lake, Bariloche

Nahuel Huapi Lake, Bariloche

Experience the striking landscapes of the altiplano

As you meander the quaint streets of Salta, which was once part of the Incan Empire, drop in to the museums and admire the colonial architecture. Explore the country’s northern region that is dotted with giant cacti, rugged canyons and traditional adobe villages. Among the barren hills of the Humahuaca gorge is the vibrant Hill of Seven Colours, so-called because of the different minerals in the rocks that give it its colour. Visit the pre-Columbian ruins or take the scenic Train to the Clouds along the barren high plateau towards the far-stretching, luminous white salt flats.

Quebrada de Cafayate, Salta

Quebrada de Cafayate, Salta

Live like a gaucho at an Argentinian estancia

Escape to the rolling hills of the countryside and discover colonial estancias (country estates) that are dotted throughout the country. Here you can ride with local gauchos, the skilled horsemen that herd the cattle, and enjoy delicious, home-cooked cuisine and centuries-old traditions. Enjoy sublime views across the Pampas from a comfy chair on the estancia’s terraces and if you feel so inclined, help drive the cattle and horses or dabble in a game of polo.

Guachos in Argentina

Gauchos in Argentina

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