A guide to Turkmenistan

| June 12, 2020

Things to do in Turkmenistan

Travel to the mysterious Turkmenistan, one of the lesser visited destinations in central Asia. The country features a mixture of historic and curious attractions, including ‘The Door to Hell’ or the Darvaza Gas Crater, grand monuments and statues built by dictator Turkmenbash, and the ancient city of Merv – an important stop along the Silk Road. Visit the capital of Ashgabat, crammed with truly unique architecture, experience the colourful Tolkuchka bazaar, discover monuments of the Kunya Urgench, and see the stunning and dramatic landscapes of the desert and Yangikala canyons.

Please note: Tourism is still a relatively new concept in Turkmenistan and visitors should not expect the same levels of infrastructure that they may have experienced in more established destinations. Cox & Kings uses the best available accommodation, but outside the capital of Ashgabat the standard is relatively basic. This tour involves basic camping, some long drives and walking over rough terrain.

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