A guide to Ethiopia

| June 3, 2020

Known as the ‘Roof of Africa’ due to its elevation, Ethiopia offers some diverse sights – from churches carved out of stone to stunning, lush mountain views, and wildlife such as the rare Ethiopian wolf. Uncover some of the best sides of the country (and where you can find them) in this Ethiopia travel guide.

Simien mountains

The Simien range consists of several large plateaux divided by large river valleys and is one of Africa’s largest mountain ranges. Three of Ethiopia’s endemic large mammals are resident in the Simiens; the gelada monkey, the Walia ibex and the rare Ethiopian wolf.


A small and lowly town surrounded by dry hills, Axum is the reputed home of the Queen of Sheba, the Ark of the Covenant and the magnificent stele.


Lalibela, the ‘New Jerusalem’, was built by King Lalibela ‘with the help of angels’ in the 12th century, and is a world heritage site comprising 11 incredible rock-hewn churches.

Bahir Dar

This large town is on the southern shore of Lake Tana and has palm-lined avenues and pretty lakeside vistas. Nearby is the Blue Nile Falls and some impressive island monasteries, accessed by boat.

Arba Minch

Arba Minch is situated by Lake Chamo and Abaya, the most southerly of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley lakes. It is the base to explore Chencha, home to the Dorze people (famed for their beehive shaped houses and their weaving skills) and Nech Sar Park.

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