Photography Competition... Winter 2018/19 winners

| April 4, 2019

See the winners for the Autumn/Winter 2018 Compass photography competition here.

You could be in with the chance of being featured in the Winter 2019-2020 issue of Compass in our biannual photography competition! For some inspiration, take a look at this edition's winning entries.

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Winner - Tiger in Ranthambore, India by Chris Chandler

I’d always wanted to see a tiger in the wild. Now, 60 years later, here I was in Ranthambore National Park – my last chance to fulfil the dream. As the Jeep rounded a bend in the forest track, treepies and langurs screamed in the canopy above. The vehicle stopped. “Tiger,” whispered our guide. The hairs on my neck stood up. I peered into the forest and there it was, laying low, half-buried in fallen leaves. Stretching, it stood up and walked towards us. It passed within a whisker and then it was gone, back into the forest.

Commended - Big Brother in the rain by Matthew Arnold

We were caught in a sudden rain storm in Fenghuang, China and quickly took shelter under a bridge. Sometimes the worst weather makes for the best shots! I loved the colour of the lanterns and umbrellas on the grey background – making the image half colour, half black and white. The people hurrying for shelter covered by their umbrellas and the security camera recording everything amused me.

Commended - Harari girl by Monami Bose 

A young Harari girl posing for the camera in Harar, a walled city in eastern Ethiopia. This ancient city has a maze of alleyways with crumbling and colourful walls squeezed into just one square kilometre. The mosques, shrines, bustling markets and charming community make Harar a fascinating place to explore.

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