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| January 5, 2018

We were absolutely delighted with the flood of entries we received for our last caption competition. Thank you for keeping us entertained with your suggestions!

The winner for this issue is Val McGinn with her caption “Boomps-a-daisy, turn to your partner and bow.” Ms McGinn told us that her parents used to sing and dance to this song with her when she was a child. We then looked up the words ‘boomps-a-daisy’ and discovered a delightful black and white video of ladies wearing bustles and men in top hats dancing to the tune in Blackpool, 1939. Ms McGinn will receive a signed copy of Walking the Americas by Levison Wood.

For those of you who didn’t win, thank you for taking the time to enter and please do have another go at the image below. Send an amusing caption to accompany it (10 words maximum) to, along with your full name and address. The winning caption will be published in the spring/summer 2018 issue. Entries must be received by 1st February 2018. 

Meerkat family, Kalahari, Namibia

The winner will receive a Buckle & Seam Sierra messenger bag. Made of premium quality, vegetable tanned leather and worth £235, this bag will fit a 15” laptop and is padded for extra protection with adjusted pockets for your phone, business cards and pens.

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14 thoughts on "Caption this… competition"

  1. Lesley Bambridge says:

    ‘If he gets this one in lads, we’re out of the cup!’

  2. Gillian Mills says:

    Standard facial expression when the wife is driving…

  3. Kristyn Harris says:

    His friends were getting very concerned with Steves fascination with Gene Simmons – the singer of Kiss – rock band!

  4. “OK, which one of you ate my spicy scorpion! I WILL find out, I was saving it for a special occasion”.

  5. brenda heads says:

    You lot are so 2017 move with the times.

  6. And Monk says:

    Theres a Robbie Williams in every boyband!

  7. Patricia Edwards says:

    Can you stop letting everyone know what you think of ‘Go Compare’

  8. Compass says:

    Please make sure you enter the competition by sending the caption (10 words maximum) to, along with your full name and address. The competition closes tomorrow.

  9. Angella Willis says:

    Meerkats always on the ball when the tastebuds call!

  10. Michelle Wild says:

    Yay I”m the flambuoyant one, these others are rather too samey for my liking.

  11. Tony Martin says:

    “Check it out folks, I think I see Theresa May running through a field of wheat”

  12. Here is our family portrait, Oh that’s Bobby in the middle, yeahh we don’t talk about Bobby.

  13. Say Arrghh, Sorry I meant cheese

  14. Tony Francis says:

    I can, I will, I must.