Caption Competition ... Winter 2017

| August 25, 2017

Some photos need a caption! We're always delighted with the many entries we receive for our caption competition so thank you once again for sending a little laughter our way! Please do have a shot at the image below.

Send an amusing caption to accompany it (10 words maximum) to, along with your full name and address.


Japanese Maiko girls bowing each other

The winning caption will be published in the winter 2017-18 issue. Entries must be received by 12th September 2017. The winner will receive a signed copy of Walking the Americas by full-time explorer and writer Levison Wood, a thrilling account of his 1,800-mile trek through eight countries, from Mexico through Central America to Colombia.

Walking the Americas by Levison Wood

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16 thoughts on "Caption Competition … Winter 2017"

  1. susan langton says:

    origato a headache for bumping heads……

  2. Tristan Taylor says:

    Donald Trumps “wall” consultants didn’t realise how short he is

  3. Tristan Taylor says:

    The ladies faces turned white. “The ghost of Ronnie Corbett?”

  4. Will Basnett says:

    “Seven, eight , nine, ten, Coming ready or not, Oh! I thought it was your turn to hide…..”

  5. John Taylor says:

    Maltesers- I thought you said smallgeishers.

  6. Mark Ward says:

    Nice to see you again. Bring the wife next time.

  7. david cavender says:

    It’s Heads-I win!

  8. Glenn Marvell-James says:

    Extreme Musical Statues really caught on in Japan

  9. carol Boffey says:

    thought we lived in the modern world now lol

  10. Things you do for a wage, bring on home time

  11. Sheena Read says:

    Who is going to be the first to pick it up?

  12. Andrew Fearon says:

    Bow Wow Wow

  13. Champaklal Lad says:

    Bowaru – how low can you bow before bits start falling of your head

  14. anne-marie smith says:

    When we entered the competition to win a make over this is not what i had in mind!!

  15. Compass says:

    Thank you for all your entries to this. You’ve made the team here laugh a lot. The competition has now closed and we will announce the winner in the next issue of the magazine.