Caption Competition... Spring/Summer 2018

| May 18, 2018

We were once again delighted to receive a huge number of entries for our caption competition and thank you for keeping us entertained. The winner for this issue is Adrian Crook with his caption “Final rehearsal for Bohemian Rhapsody.” Mr Crook will receive a Sierra messenger bag from Buckle & Seam.

Meerkat family, Kalahari

For those of you who didn’t win, thank you for taking the time to enter and please do have another go at the image below. Send an amusing caption to accompany it (10 words maximum) to, along with your full name and address. The winning caption will be published in the spring/summer 2018 issue. Entries must be received by 12th September 2018. 

Traditional cormorant fisherman works on the Li River Yangshuo

The winner will receive a pair of See-View leather folios by Stow London. Worth £175 each, the folios have a trim and reverse made of butter-soft Spanish leather, with a transparent window on one side, allowing boarding passes to be scanned inside the pouch. They are large enough for A4 travel documents and tablets, but sleek enough to fit easily into airline seat pockets.

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45 thoughts on "Caption Competition… Spring/Summer 2018"

  1. Jane maynard says:

    You are going to have to eat more fish if I am going to get practise in for the weightlifting at the next olympics.

  2. Graham L Roberts says:

    “If you don’t learn the difference between plastic and fish, we’ll both be out of work.”

  3. Graham L Roberts says:

    Learn difference, plastic & fish or we both lose job.

  4. Jay Jayarajan says:

    Wish I could fly away too mate

  5. MollyR says:

    Yes, I’m sure this is Switzerland – why else would I have these alpenhorns?

  6. Rory McDonald says:

    When you take featherweight championship training seriously.

  7. Jayne Hall says:

    i know lenny kravitz is coming to see us he wrote fly away

  8. Joy Scott says:

    It wasn’t me !

  9. Melanie Collins says:

    Just say Pieces of Eight and I’ll give you a fish

  10. SARAH HARPER says:

    Hey Mavis think we’ve just landed a part in a Chinese take-away!

  11. Robert Moorhouse says:

    Now, you two go find me some fish to go with this chip on my shoulder.

  12. Robert Price says:

    Lets go fishing

  13. Mike Ambler says:

    Chinese Javelin thrower Disqualified

  14. Pooja Patel says:

    I know I feel like flying away as well ever since finding out the mother-in-law is visiting.

  15. lynda rewbridge says:

    Boys face each other and we’ll sort this problem out

  16. sally says:

    come on you have to learn to fly at some stage,you cant stay with me forever.

  17. Christine Dent says:

    Nice … a good balanced diet of fish and poultry

  18. Compass says:

    To enter Cox & Kings’ caption competition, please send your amusing captions to, along with your full name and address.

  19. Dawn Parker says:

    This new fad of orientalist weight lifting is a bit extreme.

  20. Keith Glover says:

    Just ordered you two a Stowaway each then you can Fly The World

  21. Angela Honeyman says:

    See Saw, Margery Daw……

  22. Of course I know what a level playing field means

  23. Tom Morrison says:

    Should’ve went for the bird in the bush

  24. Helen Mclaughlin says:

    Birds of a feather, flock together.

  25. audrey nugent says:

    Will you look at me when i am squawking you.

  26. gill jennison says:

    Makes a change from having a chip on the shoulder

  27. Ruth Boulton says:

    I’m having second thoughts about this pole dancing lark . . .

  28. Alex Williams says:

    When you haven’t updated your sat nav in a while…

  29. lauren carrett says:

    selfies! simples!

  30. Nigel Greaves says:

    The Sound of Music sequel didn’t really work!

  31. Louise Asekokhai says:

    Winging it using birds instead of sails is not plain sailing although it is cheep.

  32. Alison says:

    Mr. Miyagi teaching his karate birds… “Fly on, Fly off!”

  33. Alison says:

    Mr. Miyagi teaching his birds karate… “Fly on, Fly off!”

  34. mick wigg says:

    sod the fish, we want steak.

  35. Jill Douglas says:

    What do you mean ,Have I never seen Hitchcock’s The Birds?

  36. Kristyn Harris says:

    Bill was always getting his proverbs mixed up. This time it was ‘Don’t Rock The Boat’ and ‘Kill Two Birds With One Stone’ that confused him!

  37. champaklal Lad says:

    The latest transportation technology in Vietnam – flying taxi’s

  38. champaklal Lad says:

    The latest transportation technology in Vietnam – Flying Taxi’s

  39. I’m not too impressed with this gannet playground. The seesaw is ok, but there are no swings!

  40. Mags Dignam says:

    Sorry boys but there’s definitely no crows nest on this ship…!

  41. Leanne perrett says:

    the original captain Birdseye fish stick

  42. Richard Eldred Hawes says:

    I f my mate would only stop eating all the fish I could be closer to you

  43. Louise Whittaker says:

    weighing up his crows and fal-cons

  44. gill jennison says:

    Crow, crow, crow your boat merrily down the stream…

  45. Christine Evans says:

    On balance, I don’t fancy river cruising; must fly!