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Finding Your Feet... in Rome

In this enchanting film about two sisters and their eccentric friends, a trip to Rome becomes the focus for an adventure. Their whirlwind tour around the sights, bars and restaurants opens up a fresh new lease of life, and love. The film is in cinemas from Friday 23th February.

Cox & Kings’ new Finding Your Feet in Rome private, 5-day tour is the perfect way to retrace the steps of the film in this culture-filled city. Discover impressive architecture dating back to the times of Ancient Rome, vast galleries of artwork and lavishly decorated churches with detailed frescoes. 

Stay at the elegant, art deco Hotel Baglioni Regina in the heart of the city, which is just a short walk from both the Villa Borghese Park and the Spanish Steps. A highlight of this new tour is the chance to prepare a popular Italian antipasto (first course) and risotto with a private chef. Accompany your personal chef to the market to source fresh ingredients before donning your apron and learning the secrets of the city’s mouthwatering cuisine. Tuck into your delicious creation for lunch, accompanied by a glass of fine Italian wine.

Those wanting to learn more about the city’s abundant history and architecture can tour the ancient Roman Forum, the Pantheon and the opulent Trevi fountain with a private guide. If you have already visited Rome, there’s plenty more to be seen, whether that’s wandering the narrow cobbled streets of the bohemian Monti and Trastevere districts, shopping – or just window shopping – in the many chic boutiques, tasting your way around the city’s restaurants and markets or gaining a further understanding of the history of the city in its galleries and museums.