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This charming hotel is located in the eastern district of the city. The well-maintained and lush grounds feature a fine outdoor swimming pool and stretch right down to the banks of the Niger. Such a prime waterside setting is unrivalled, and offers tranquillity as well as plenty of opportunities to enjoy some interesting views, as fishermen travel past in pirogues and local women do their laundry in the waters. The covered but otherwise open-air veranda extends over the river and is a perfect venue for enjoying a cold beer, taking your evening meal and watching the setting sun. The restaurant offers both French and African cuisine and sometimes there is even live music laid on. Michael Palin said that the bacon, eggs and coffee served at the Mande Hotel provided him with his best breakfast during his 100-day trip across the Sahara! Facilities in the rooms themselves include a telephone, air-conditioning, television and room service.

Please call 020 3813 2966 for more information or to make a booking.

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