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Cox & Kings’ travel consultants have travelled extensively within their regions, to ensure they have experienced the country first-hand, and can pass this knowledge on to our passengers.

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I come from a place that could easily be described as the end of the world. Growing up in a pristine environment has turned out to be a true blessing – one of which I was unaware until I moved to the UK and started studying tourism. I quickly realised that my passion for the travel and tourism industry came from a bizarre combination: lack of experience and endless curiosity.  

My favourite book as a child was an encyclopaedia which had picture of volcanoes, forests, and, most fascinating of all, people – people that were different from me in their appearance, their language, and their food. I was captivated by the possibility of meeting these people one day.  

I haven’t always had the opportunity to travel. By the time I finished high school I understood that I would have to make changes to generate those opportunities, and – a few years later – I had graduated university, I was living in a new country, and I had visited a number of countries.  

Insider tip 

Jordan is a beautiful country which is famous for Petra, considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a destination on a lot of people’s bucket list.  

For me, the most beautiful part about this country is the walk to Petra’s Treasury building, and the first glimpse you get of it. My advice would be to visit the Treasury in the morning; that way you will avoid the crowds and you will understand why they call it the ‘rose-red city’.  

As one of the oldest cities in the world, Petra attracts visitors from across the globe. A useful tip for all those planning to visit is to barter – never agree to pay the first amount they ask for, as the real price is sometimes even 10 times less that the asking price. 

Favourite experience 

It’s hard to pick a favourite experience, but whenever I try, there is always one that pops to mind. I have always been adventurous and liked exciting, almost dangerous activities. Because we had great mountain areas close to where I grew up, I spent a lot of time exploring the beautiful forests and the high hills. My favourite experience was the quad bikes rides; we would spend hours riding and, in the winter, we would switch to snowmobiles. The beautiful scenery of the Madaras Mountains is something I will never forget. 

Favourite place 

Without a doubt, my favourite place to go is Budapest in Hungary. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Budapest is the beautiful architecture, the stunning parliament building and the mesmerising castles across the river. I love going to Heroes’ Square by myself, climbing the lion statue and watching people walking by. 

The thing about Budapest is that there is always something new to discover, a new reason to love this city, a new favourite coffee shop or place to go to; it surprises me every single time I visit. That is how I know it is a special destination.  

Favourite hotel 

The InterContinental Amman in Jordan is one of my favourite hotels. It has the most amazing view of the city, and the rooms are nicely decorated. Among the various restaurants, my absolute favourite is the Indian one. This restaurant is well known in Amman, and some say it is the best Indian food you can find in the city.  

What I like about this hotel is the attention to detail, the hospitality of the staff and the quality of the service. This hotel is the first 5-star hotel in Jordan and the second in the Middle East, so it has a legacy and a reputation. The recent hotel renovation added a premium wing with new rooms, with a unique design and a truly luxurious feel. 


I come from a small village of about 60 people in the Peak District and with a thirst for travel, headed to Australia at 22. I spent a year travelling the length and breadth of the country by road. My next adventure was supposed to be a week in Bangkok, but quickly turned into a six-month voyage through south-east Asia, sampling all the wonderful sights and sounds of the Far East.

It was inevitable I would find myself in the travel industry on my eventual return and I know how lucky I am to combine my passion with my career. I’ve hired out surfboards to tourists in Bali, rode like a gaucho through the hills of Argentina, busked in Laos, skydived in Queensland and, more recently, proposed on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

My Insiders Tip

Tanzania holds a special place in my heart. It has an amazing diversity of wildlife, epic landscapes, a colourful culture, delicious food and some of the friendliest people in the world. To me, it’s the ‘best of Africa’ condensed into a single country. This special country became even more memorable after I got engaged at the summit of a very cold Kilimanjaro; my reward after a week long trek to the top! My recommendation is to rise early, the Big 5 are liveliest from 5am. The light is perfect for photography and the sunrises over the plains alone are well worth the early mornings.

Favourite Experience

I met a chap once in Lumphini Park in Bangkok. As usual I was lost and was asking for directions to The Golden Buddha (nowhere near Lumphini Park). He clearly twigged I had recently arrived and asked if he could accompany me for the day to show me some places. He explained he was studying English and would benefit from my conversation. Despite an initial apprehension I decided the very worst case would be I would find myself in his brother’s suit shop and agreed. I was taken to the suburbs where tourists rarely venture and shown the local temples. He explained the Buddhist culture, their rituals and practices. He introduced me to his friends in the monastery. We prayed a little together. And then he took me home to his wife who made the most amazing fish suki while we got drunk on Thai whisky and swapped tales of our homelands. Not once was money ever asked for. For me that gentleman defines Thailand and its people.

My Favourite Place

For most of the year, Calgary is a sleepy city. The annual Calgary Stampede lasts for two weeks and the city comes alive. As a self-appointed British cowboy, I’ve been several times and it’s my favourite time to visit. Streets are lined with live music, a variety of local cuisine and offices are shut so all can celebrate. You can watch some of the best bull-riding, saddle bronc – the rider has to stay on a bucking horse – and nail-biting barrel racing. Each evening local Canadian music and talent acts perform, which is followed by an impressive firework display.

My Favourite Hotel

My hidden gem is La Maison Minervetta in Sorrento. I’ve always had a passion for Sorrento, and the Maison epitomises everything great about the place. It is set high on the cliffs where you can sit in the comfort of your suite, watching the sun set over the bay of Naples. The hotel is small and cosy with 13 bedrooms, and has a wonderful homely feel – particularly at breakfast where owners and guest mingle over what’s to come in the day ahead. The decor is a mish-mash of traditional and modern art which makes it a stand-out option in Sorrento and the attention to detail, particularly in the rooms, is outstanding. Most importantly, however, it has a wonderful courtyard style decking where you can sit with a spritz in the Italian sunshine and watch the fishing trawlers hard at work in the Bay of Naples, possibly catching something for your dinner.


Originally hailing from Poole, Dorset, I took inspiration from my well-travelled grandparents and spread my wings in my early 20s with backpacking trips to India, Southeast Asia and to South America, before moving to London. I am very experienced in the travel industry having worked as both a travel agent and a tour operator. After the pandemic, my experience of travel has changed as I now travel with a young family; recently we visited both Greece and Turkey.  

Insider tip 

It is very easy to rush from one destination to another in order to see as many sights as possible. My tip is to not rush your travels. I have travelled extensively by rail throughout Eastern Europe, and while progress can be slow and journeys don’t always run to plan, you get to see more of the real daily life of a country, as well as the time to meet and talk to local people – who are often as interested in you as you are them. 

Favourite experience 

Travel is a huge part of my life but is just one of my many interests. I love nothing more than combining my desire to travel with another of my passions – so far I have attended live football matches in Brazil, Argentina and Macedonia; watched test cricket in Barbados; been to music festivals in France, Germany, and Japan; and been wildlife spotting in South Africa, Papa New Guinea and Bolivia. 

The holiday to Barbados was with the social cricket club that I play for, and as well as watching the West Indies versus England, we played a match against a local club who we expected to be of the same level. On arrival at their ground, we soon discovered that they had a club member who had played for the West Indies. Safe to say we were soundly beaten, but more importantly, we had a great evening after the match chatting to our opposition over a few beers and a very generous barbecue. 

Favourite place 

The Georgian capital Tbilisi is an undiscovered gem. Lying on the banks of the Kura River and in the foothills of the Trialeti Range, meaning that it is surrounded on three sides by mountains, its cobblestoned old town reflects a long, complicated history, with periods under Persian and Russian rule. Its diverse architecture encompasses Eastern Orthodox churches, ornate art nouveau buildings and Soviet modernist structures. Having visited twice over a number of years, it has been fascinating to watch the city slowly modernise while retaining its own identity, culture, and customs. 

Favourite hotel 

For a truly unique experience then it has to be the cave hotels of Cappadocia. A personal favourite is the Yunak Cave Hotel in Urgup. The hotel is carved into a mountain cliff and has private cave rooms dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries and is crowned with a 19th Century Greek Mansion. After a busy day exploring the unique landscape of Cappadocia, you can relax in one of the hotel’s two swimming pools while taking in views of the fairy chimneys and rock formations.