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Meet our Indian Subcontinent team

Our India travel specialists are truly passionate about India and its surrounding regions.

Born and raised in India, Roop, Agomoni and Jayant have also travelled thoroughly in India and Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan; and have the insider knowledge about unmissable sights and the best places to stay.

Agomoni Ghosh


Born in India’s north-eastern state of Tripura, I have always had a close…

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Alice Elphick


I remember enjoying travel and being interested in different cultures from a young…

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Amit Verma


Having grown up in a small town in northern India, I was always curious to know what lay…

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Ben Lavender


Born and raised in Nepal, I developed a thirst for exploration from a young age. I wa…

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Jayant Naniwadekar


I come from Pune and Mumbai in the western part of India, but was educated in Delhi….

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Born and brought up in India, I spent my childhood in Madhapar in the western state o…

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Roop Kumar


Born and brought up in Bombay to Indian and Iranian parents, I had the best of both…

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