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Meet our Europe team

For Russia travel advice, extensive knowledge of Italy’s regions, or even expertise on Transylvania, our Europe specialists are well-versed in the region. All have travelled extensively throughout Europe, both under their own steam and on reconnaissance trips to learn more about destinations from the ground up.

So if you wanted to find out the hottest tips for cuisine in San Sebastian, the best hotel in Venice or unmissable historic sites in Seville, our travel consultants will be able to tell you first-hand.

Agomoni Ghosh


Born in India’s north-eastern state of Tripura, I have always had a close…

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I have visited over 80 countries to date, with lengthy stays in both southern Africa…

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James Noyes


I come from a small village of about 60 people in the Peak District and with a thirst…

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Leah Reavley


I have always enjoyed discovering new places on my travels. Romania recently surprise…

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Lydia Ward


Growing up in the heart of the countryside in Surrey, I love being outdoors and…

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Neil Davis


I’m not sure where my passion from travel stems from – but whether it is…

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Nick Fields


I am originally from Canada with parents from the UK and Barbados. I studied finance…

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Robert Fleming


Following a six-month trip to North America visiting various relatives and skiing in…

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