| November 1, 2019

Born and raised in Nepal, I developed a thirst for exploration from a young age. I was fortunate to grow up with parents who loved travelling and had the patience to take their three children. After finishing higher education in England, I embarked on a solo trip for the first time to India. Having travelled across Europe, parts of Africa, North America and Indochina, I have witnessed many incredible experiences, but it’s the Indian Subcontinent that enthrals me. With a wide array of landscapes, mesmerising colours and charisma, India has a way of luring you in. Nepal not only has picturesque landscapes but also has the kindest and most humble locals. While Sri Lanka is a small country, it has a fascinating culture and history, a variety of wildlife, stunning scenery and beaches, as well as a mouth-watering cuisine. It is a pleasure to help people experience an area of the world that has created so many unforgettable memories for me.

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