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Meet our Polar team

The landscapes of Antarctica and the Arctic can sometimes seem inaccessible; which is perhaps why the polar regions are lesser-visited destinations, even though they appear on most adventurous travellers’ wish lists. As our expert travel consultants are not only trained in the region, but have also visited themselves, you can be sure their advice will hit the mark.

Find out what staying in an ice hotel is really like, and how best to search for polar bears in the Arctic, or learn about the range of ice-breakers ships and what would best suit your needs in a trip to Antarctica – the end of the Earth.

Josh Chitticks


What I love most about travelling is discovering the unexpected. Packing my bag and…

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Leah Reavley


I have always enjoyed discovering new places on my travels. Romania recently surprise…

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Robert Webber


Brought up on a diet of history and adventure travel books, I dreamt of far-flung…

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Discover Polar

Be awestruck by the icy wilderness of the polar region, meeting penguins or polar bears along the way.

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