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The history of Cox & Kings: Over 260 years of discovery

Cox & Kings is the longest established travel company in the world, having marked its 260th anniversary in 2018.

Founding the company

The company’s history stretches back to 25 May 1758 when Richard Cox was appointed as regimental agent to the Foot Guards by his mentor, Lord Ligonier, the commander-in-chief of His Majesty’s Armed Forces. The actual moment of appointment is captured in the allegorical scene shown in the painting above by the well-known military painter David Morier, in which Cox is deliberately positioned as Ligonier’s ‘right hand man’.

The role of agent included the arrangement of payment of officers and men, the provision of clothing, acting as a go-between for the buying and selling of officers’ commissions, and acting upon any special requests from the regimental adjutant.

Regimental agents did not have a very good reputation before Cox, but such was his honesty, reliability and organisational ability that he made it a respectable business and Cox & Co soon became the agent for the majority of British regiments. By the end of the 18th century the company served 14 cavalry, 64 infantry and 17 militia regiments. The company’s business grew hand in hand with the British empire, becoming involved in banking and shipping in addition to its other agency activities.

Becoming established

Henry S King & Co, a rival bank and shipping agency, was started by Henry Samuel King in 1868 and subsequently run for more than 45 years by his son, Henry Seymour King, an MP and renowned mountaineer. The company had particularly strong links with India. After the first world war, the two companies merged as Cox’s & King’s and moved into grand premises on Pall Mall (now the site of the Sofitel St James Hotel). In 1923, the business was sold to Lloyds Bank and, while the banking arm stayed with Lloyds (becoming the Cox & Kings branch, as it is still known), the shipping agency became a separate company, running tours and organising the passage of people and their belongings around the world, notably to Egypt, India and south Asia.

Modern times

In 1970, Cox & Kings Agency was bought by Grindlays Bank as part of a deal with the then Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi, to develop tourism into the country… and so the modern history of the company began. Initially specialising in cultural and wildlife tours throughout the subcontinent, during the 1980s the company diversified and developed similar expertise in areas such as Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and Europe.

Today, Cox & Kings UK has built on the tradition of high-quality service and attention to detail established by Richard Cox more than 260 years ago and now provides travel arrangements of the highest calibre in many of the most culturally and naturally fascinating parts of the world.

In December 2019, Cox & Kings UK joined the Abercrombie & Kent family. This exciting new venture witnessed two heritage brands come together to offer an even greater breadth of holiday experiences. As custodians of Cox & Kings’ extraordinary legacy, the company continues to operate just as it always has done, offering the same award-winning service and attention to detail, with the additional patronage of an even wider network of expertise.